ACFID publications

ACFID, in its work to lead and unite its members in action for a just, equitable and sustainable world, produces many publications for a wide variety of audiences. These publications support ACFID Members in their work, educate and inform policy makers, and promote good practice in the international development and humanitarian response.

Major Publications

ACFID submissions

ACFID works with its members to develop submissions outlining members' views on a wide range of international aid and development issues. The majority of these submissions are developed following requests for input through the Australian Parliamentary inquiry process. As well, ACFID makes submissions to the Australian Government to provide members' views on Australian aid policy and programs.


ACFID's 2021 Submissions:

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ACFID’s 2015 submissions:

ACFID policy papers

ACFID also develops policy papers using expertise from within the ACFID Secretariat, ACFID Members and other key stakeholders to improve and share our knowledge, to be used as advocacy tools, to highlight the work of ACFID Members and to contribute to the development of sound standards and frameworks which guide our work. ACFID policy papers include:

Other Publications

Resource library

To search for other resources – including previous ACFID submissions, publications and annual reports – please visit the ACFID Resource Library