Committee for Development Cooperation (CDC)

Established in 1975, the Committee for Development Cooperation (CDC) is a joint DFAT/NGO advisory body that provides advice and guidance on the DFAT accreditation process for Australian NGOs, the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), and other funding streams involving Australian NGOs.

The CDC is made up of eight members – four from the Australian NGO sector and four from DFAT. ACFID provides secretarial support.

Of the four NGO members, two members are elected by the accredited NGO sector, and two members are appointed by ACFID’s Executive Committee. NGO members serve two years.

To raise an issue for NGO representatives to take to the CDC, contact Rebecca Hamilton at ACFID at [email protected] For more information, visit:


Committee for Development Cooperation Feedback on the Australian NGO Cooperation Program Principles of Engagement

CDC Membership

Elected NGO representatives

Chris Jenson

World Vision Australia
2017–November 2018

Kalene Caffarella
Australian Red Cross
2016–November 2018

Appointed NGO representatives

Anthea Spinks

2017–May 2019

John Morley

Plan International Australia
2017–May 2019


Megan Anderson (Chair) Assistant Secretary

Jon Burrough

Simon Cann-Evans

Sally-Anne Vincent

DFAT Secretariat Contact

Rebecca Lysaght

ACFID Secretariat contact

Rebecca Hamilton