Development Practice Committee (DPC)


The Development Practice Committee (DPC) is an expert advisory group where learning and development practitioners from the not-for-profit sector meet to:

  • Lead good practice within the sector
  • Undertake applied research and development of tools and processes
  • Provide relevant advice to ACFID on key issues around development effectiveness affecting the sector
  • Engage with DFAT on development effectiveness practice.

DPC Vacancies

Are you interested in joining the DPC?  You would be joining 10 other sector practice leaders.  We are always looking for new members.  While committee membership requires you to commit to attending up to 4 meetings a year and participation in work between meetings, the rewards are significant - being part of a leading group in the sector and helping to shape the sector and work closely with the ACFID Secretariat and members on key issues of the day.  People from small and medium sized members are encouraged to apply.

Please send a covering email addressing the TORs and attach a copy of your resume to: Kate Angus, Learning and Innovation Advisor, at ACFID [email protected].

No Deadline: Please send your application through at any time for consideration when a vacancy arises.

Membership and Meetings

DPC meetings take place at least three times each year over either one or two days, rotating between Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra (Currently being held online in shorter sessions).

Members are expected to come to meetings well prepared and to bring the support of their organisation with them.

The DPC has eight members plus two co-chairs. DPC member terms run for three years which is renewable to encourage continuity.

The membership is open to anyone from an ACFID Member organisation with an interest in organisational learning in the international development sector and experience in program implementation and monitoring and evaluation. The group may also include external experts such as academics, engaged consultants or subject matter experts from think tanks.

Current DPC members are:


Matthew Maury, Tearfund Australia, Board Champion

Fiona Tarpey, Australian Red Cross

Committee members

Colin Scott, Global Mission Partners

Tracy McDiarmid, International Women's Development Agency

Anthony Zwi, UNSW

Stav Zotalis, ActionAid

Charlotte Sterrett, World Vision Australia

Elsa Carnaby, Oxfam Australia




Dr Linda Kelly


In 2021 the Committee is prioritising work around Climate Change and Localisation. 

In 2020 the Committee has been prioritising work in the following areas:

  • Providing strategic advice and learning opportunities for members around implementation and demonstrating impact of our work, including against the Sustainable Development Goals (supporting the work of the MELCOP (ACFID's Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Community of Practice);

  • Building a closer program of work between the development and humanitarian sector in areas such as localisation and demonstrating impact;

  • Supporting and advising ACFID members and the ACFID Secretariat in the rollout of new Australian Government development cooperation priorities and Partnerships for Recovery Strategy;
    See the ACFID/DPC/RDI Network/MEL COP Submission to the Government on the Policy Performance Framework, February 2020.

  • Advising as required on implications of COVID-19 on program effectiveness and quality and working with Sector Leaders to explore new ways of working;

  • Continuing to update and refresh/drive new Practice Notes to support member practice.

Over past years, DPC has played a key role in progressing the sector’s work on:


For more information see the DPC TOR or contact Kate Angus on 02 8123 2231.


The last meeting was held on 24 November 2020.

The next meeting is being held in 2021