Our staff

ACFID operates a small secretariat based in Deakin (Canberra) in the Australian Capital Territory of Australia. Our staff are lead by ACFID’s CEO and divided into three teams. Contact us by clicking on our names below, which are linked to our email addresses.

(Back row left to right: Kate Angus, Joanna Pradela, Alice Ridge, Philippa Smales, Marc Purcell, Sophie Green, Moti Goode, Stephanie Koorey, Jenny Vaccari. Front row left to right: Chris Adams, Bethany Hender, Gareth Beyers, Aina Studer, Chris Johnson, Maverick Johnson, and Naomi Gilbert. Absent: Mark Carpenter, Kate MacMaster, Sarah Burrows, Paul Brunton, Matt William, Tim Watkin)

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer – Marc Purcell (Biography)

Advocacy Team

Head of Policy – Jo Pradela

Policy and Advocacy Support Officer – Rebecca Hamilton

Government Relations Advisor – Gareth Beyer

Policy and Advocacy Advisor - Alice Ridge

Communications and Media Coordinator - Tim Watkin

RDI Network and Partnerships Manager - Philippa Smales

RDI Network Communication Coordinator - Jenny Vaccari

Humanitarian and Human Rights Advisor – Bethany Hender

ACFID – ACMC Civil Society Liaison – Anu Mundkur

Support Services Team

Business Manager – Mark Carpenter

Information Management Officer – Chris Johnson

Support Services Administrator – Moti Goode

Executive Coordinator – Aina Studer

Effectiveness and Engagement Team

Director of Effectiveness and Engagement – Chris Adams

Member and Stakeholder Engagement Lead - Raewyn Lans

Standards and Code Lead – Jocelyn Condon

Standards and Code Advisor - Paul Brunton

Standards and Code Advisor - Sophie Seck

Learning and Innovation Lead – Ross Slater

Learning and Innovation Advisor – Kate Angus

Learning and Innovation Advisor – Elisabeth Parkin

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This staff list is current as of 22/06/2017