Partnerships with Corporate Bodies

ACFID works with select Corporate Groups to provide expert advice, discounted services and products to its members. Partnerships are always built on an industry exclusive arrangement, supporting both positive financial outcomes and priority access to key services and products to ACFID’s members. Our partnerships are all tailored to meet the needs of ACFID's members, Corporate Partners, and ACFID, in a win-win-win structure.

Read the Corporate Partnerships brochure here.

Benefits of Partnering with ACFID

  1. Enjoy access to ACFID's Board, key decision makers, influencers and thought leaders from across the international development sector.

  2. Receive exclusive opportunities to meet and interact with our Members, build connections and network with a host of passionate professionals looking for novel solutions to support business & program delivery.

  3. Experience both reputational gains by aligning with a For-Public-Good peak body, and strategic sector exposure by supporting 100+ trusted charities.

For further information on ACFID Partnerships please contact Mark Carpenter on [email protected] or Moti Goode on [email protected]

ACFID's Valued Partners

All of our partnerships are delivered on an industry exclusive basis, allowing a focused, premium partnership experience for our chosen partners. 

Finance Industry: StoneX is a leading provider of payments services to the developing world for charitable organizations, governments, and NGOs. 

Information Technology Industry: Clade solutions is an Australia-based tech consultancy and Gold Microsoft Partner, passionate about Microsoft technology and exploring the ways it can solve real business challenges. 

Do you move in a unique market space that is a good fit our members? We'd love to hear more about what you do! Please contact Moti Goode (email: [email protected] or call: 02 8123 2211)