What we do

ACFID’s purpose is to lead and unite our members in action for a just, equitable and sustainable world. 

Jeffrey Sachs & Sam Mostyn

Our strategic goals

ACFID works to ensure:

  • An engaged public: The Australian public is better informed and actively supports Australia’s role in international development and humanitarian action.
  • Australia’s leadership: Australia becomes a global leader for sustainable development and humanitarian action through effective government policies, action and partnerships.
  • Member influence and effectiveness: ACFID members are influential agents of change and leaders in development and humanitarian action.
  • A strong ACFID: ACFID aligns resources to the goals and priorities of its strategic plan and is accountable to members for performance.

Our focus areas

ACFID’s work is focused on driving positive change towards:

  • Sustainable and inclusive development
  • Peace and human security
  • Strong and effective civil society.

How we work

With our members, ACFID seeks to be an influential policy voice, a catalyst for change and a standard bearer for good practice in international development and humanitarian response.

  • We connect and engage members
  • We join with others to influence
  • We are politically non-aligned
  • We lead and convene dialogue on critical issues
  • We promote knowledge and learning
  • We work from an evidence base.

ACFID National Conference

ACFID’s priorities are set by its members under the leadership of an Executive Committee elected from and by members of its Council at our National Conference. We are accountable to our members and guided by our Strategic Plan.


ACFID is funded by the generous support of its members. We are grateful for the support of the Commonwealth of Australia through our partnership agreement with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

ACFID Code of Conduct

ACFID maintains a Code of Conduct, which is a voluntary, self-regulatory code that aims to improve development outcomes and increase stakeholder trust by enhancing the transparency and accountability of ACFID Members.

Covering over 9 Quality Principles, 32 Commitments and 90 Compliance Indicators, the Code sets good standards for program effectiveness, fundraising, governance and financial reporting. Compliance includes annual reporting and checks. The Code has an independent complaints-handling process.

For more information on what we do, read: