ACFID Media Coverage

ACFID Media Coverage

  • Interview Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells (ACFID Conference Speaker)

    ABC Pacific Beat | 27 Oct, 2016

    Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells emphasises the need for Australia to realise the strategic importance of Pacific aid, building on her message to ACFID's 2016 conference.

  • Australia Ahead of the Curve: An Agenda for International Development to 2025

    ReliefWeb | 27 Oct, 2016

    Summary of Ahead of the Curve.

  • Fears for kids in Filipino drugs crackdown

    The Australian/ | 26 Oct, 2016

    ACFID conference speaker Amihan Abueva, Regional Executive Director of Child Rights Coalition Asia, desribes the risks of children being caught up in the anti-drug crackdown and thousands of alleged extrajudicial killings by the Duterte regime in the Philippines.

  • Detention undermines UN rights council bid

    9 News/The Australian/ | 26 Oct, 2016

    ACFID passed a resolution at its conference condemning the offshore processing regime, calling for its end and stating that Australia's bid for a seat on the human rights council was being undermined.

  • Interview with Prof Stephen Howes (ACFID Conference Speaker)

    ABC Pacific Beat | 26 Oct, 2016

    ACFID conference speaker Prof Stephen Howes describes Australian aid cuts to the antiretroviral program for HIV/AIDS in PNG.

  • Interview with Emele Duituturaga (ACFID Conference Speaker)

    Pacific Islands News Association | 26 Oct, 2016

    ACFID conference speaker Emele Duituturaga argued that local capacity needs to be built for resilience in humanitarian response.

  • Australia Ahead of the Curve Blog Series #6: An Australia incensed by injustice, not satiated by charity

    Geordie Fung | 26 Oct, 2016

    "Effective altruists to the left of us, charity-starts-at-home advocates to the right. Here we are, stuck in the middle with waning public and political support for poverty alleviation.” These would be the words of Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan, had they compromised any shred of musical integrity to write songs that only aid and development wonks could relate to. We really are stuck in the middle, and I don’t think it’s too alarmist to suggest that the aid and development sector in Australia will fade into insignificance if we don’t reignite broad support for what we do. It’s time to take some of that sustainability thinking we love to use in our programs and apply it to how we think about our sector’s ongoing health and impact.

  • Australia Ahead of the Curve Blog Series #13: Unlocking the potential of diasporas: a new approach to development

    Denise Cauchi, ACFID Blog | 25 Oct, 2016

    Australia is home to diasporas from countries all around the world, who are active contributors to development, peacebuilding and humanitarian response in their countries of origin. And Australia’s future development agenda stands much to gain from engagement with diasporas, who are often thought leaders, investors, civil society organisers, development practitioners and peacebuilders.

  • Working towards transformational development and the Sustainable Development Goals

    Chris Roche and Annette Madvig, ACFID Blog | 25 Oct, 2016

    What does ‘transformation’ mean to the Sustainable Development Goals? Chris Roche and Annette Madvig of the Institute of Human Security and Social Change at La Trobe University propose a working definition and explain how Australian NGOs can begin to test their programs and organisations for transformation to fulfil the potential of the 2030 Agenda.

  • Interview with Emele Duituturaga (ACFID Conference Speaker)

    ABC Pacific Beat | 25 Oct, 2016

    ACFID conference speaker Emele Duituturaga, Executive Director of the Pacific Islands Association of Non Governmental Organisations, spoke about the relationship between local and international humanitarian organisations and how aid is delivered in the Pacific.