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Sam Mostyn ACFID Council 2014

Sam Mostyn, President Australian Council For International Development

14 Sep, 2015

Convinced that there has to be a new way, a better approach, some fresh ideas for delivering aid and development but don’t know where to turn? Wish there was a place you could engage in a genuine debate about issues and ideas you are interested in and with others who might have a different view?

We’d like to welcome you to the ACFID Blog.  We are after people just like you.

We have plans to slowly but surely remove you from your comfort zone. We will, over time, question your ideas, beliefs, approaches and ways of doing things. We might make you a little uneasy, occasionally unsettled. We will undoubtedly challenge your preconceptions. We might even have you waking up questioning the what, where, why and how of what you do.

Each week, ACFID will be inviting someone to post a blog on to our new (vastly improved) website that opens up the world of aid and development practice, policy, process, research and rationale to scrutiny.

We will have people writing for us who have new ideas, approaches and ways of doing things. We will be asking people with unusual views to explain themselves to you. We will be asking people with controversial opinions to provoke you. We will have people explaining new policies, and demanding new ones be devised. We will have people praising the work done by others and begging more be done. We will have people railing against the system, and demanding new systems are invented.

Our ACFID blog will prod you in just the right place. You won’t be able to help yourself. Your hands will reach for the keyboard. You will be insistent: “I want to write an ACFID blog.”

  • Sam Mostyn, President Australian Council For International Development
    Sam Mostyn, President Australian Council For International Development

    Sam Mostyn is a Non-executive Director of Virgin Australia Holdings Limited, Citigroup Pty Ltd, Transurban Group and Cover-More Group Limited. She is President of the Australian Council for International Development. She is also a Director of Australian Volunteers International, Australia Council for the Arts, Carriageworks, St James Ethics Centre Foundation, the NSW Climate Change Council and ClimateWorks Australia. Sam is currently Deputy Chair of the Diversity Council Australia, and is Chair of AC for the Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU. She is also a Commissioner of the Australian Football League.

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