2022-23 ACFID Code of Conduct Review

The ACFID Code of Conduct is periodically reviewed to ensure it continues to reflect good practice and the needs of ACFID and its members. Our sector and the work we do is constantly evolving and the aim of this review is to make sure the Code and associated Quality Assurance Framework remains relevant, coherent, useful and credible to members and external stakeholders.

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Beginning July 2022, the Review will consider and revise, if required, the Quality Principles and Commitments in the ACFID Code of Conduct and the Compliance Indicators and Verifiers in the Quality Assurance Framework


Key questions the Review will ask:

  • Are there gaps in the Code which have emerged since the last review of the Code?

  • Are there opportunities for greater alignment with other international and domestic standards and regulations?

  • Are there opportunities to remove redundancy and overlap within the Code itself?

  • Are there areas of the Code which no longer reflect good practice, or require further clarification?

  • Is compliance manageable for members and ACFID?


The Review will be guided by the following overarching principles: 

  • Changes to the Code of Conduct or Quality Assurance Framework will be undertaken on the grounds of necessity not convenience, keeping in mind the impact of changes on members’ compliance requirements;   

  • The overall architecture and structure of the Code and Quality Assurance Framework shall be maintained; and 

  • The triennial compliance assessment and reporting cycle shall be maintained 

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The Review is scheduled to finish in November 2023. 


Where can I (or my organisation) find out more details? 

  1. Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  2. Watch the recording of the online information sesssion, held on 19 July 2022. 3pm AEST.

New information and details will be updated here on this webpage, so please check this regularly. You may like to bookmark this page for your convenience.  


How can I (or my organisation) participate in the Review? 

​​All members will have the opportunity to provide feedback at various stages of the Review.  

  1. Provide written and verbal feedback on the key questions in the Discussion Paper. Discussion Paper will be released in August 2022. 
  2. Join us for face-to-face, in-person consultations in Melbourne and Sydney. Dates and location TBA
  3. Participate in online consultation(s). Dates TBA

There will be further opportunities to provide feedback on any proposed changes to the Code and Quality Assurance Framework in early 2023, dates TBA. 


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Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Code Review please contact Emily Moreton, Standards and Code Lead, at code@acfid.asn.au or (02) 8123 2237