2017 Food Crisis in Africa and Yemen

(Last updated March 2017)

On 20 February 2017 famine was declared in areas of South Sudan while several other countries in the region are on the brink of famine. This means that there are already people dying from starvation.  This is the first time in six years that famine has been declared anywhere in the world.

More than 25 million people across Africa and Yemen need urgent humanitarian assistance and protection. The modern humanitarian system has never had to cope with so many children needing treatment for hunger at the same time.

The extreme food insecurity has been caused by collapsing economies, conflict, and climate shocks. Catastrophic drought has ruined crops and killed millions of livestock.

Decisive action now will prevent an even greater crisis later. Those who already have severe acute malnutrition are being fed life-saving therapeutic foods, including nutrient and calorie dense peanut based pastes.

ACFID members have a longstanding presence in the region and are dramatically scaling-up their operations across the affected countries in Africa and in Yemen to meet the urgent needs of crises-affected communities and to prevent the spread of famine.

ACFID members are responding by providing food, clean drinking water, cash, drought resistance seeds, school feeding programs, education, and protection services while also reuniting families, and developing water infrastructure and agricultural recovery.

The ACFID members listed below are working in South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Malawai, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea and Yemen.

Please use the links below to find out more about the valuable efforts of our members and how you contribute.

You can be assured that your support is meeting identified needs. The standards by which ACFID members make appeals for donations for large emergencies and crises such as this are set by ACFID’s Code of Conduct. This includes a responsibility to provide clear information to their donors on the emergency situation and the work they are doing with affected communities.

Act for Peace – East Africa Famine Appeal

Action Aid Australia – Horn of Africa Appeal

ADRA Australia East Africa Famine Appeal

Anglican Board of Mission AustraliaEast Africa Famine Response

Anglican Overseas Aid – East Africa Food Crisis Appeal

Australian Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners (GMP) – South Sudan Emergency Famine Appeal

Australian Lutheran World Service – East Africa Hunger Crisis

Australian Red Cross East Africa Food Crisis Appeal

Australia for UNHCR – African Food Crisis Appeal

CARE AustraliaEast Africa Food Crisis

Caritas Australia Africa Emergency Appeal

ChildFund Australia – Africa Food Crisis Appeal

Oxfam Australia Global Hunger, Famine & Food Security Appeal

Plan International Australia South Sudan Famine Appeal

Save the Children Australia – Child Hunger Crisis Appeal

TEAR Australia – East Africa Emergency Appeal

Transform Aid International Australia trading as Baptist World Aid Hunger Appeal

UNICEF Australia South Sudan Children’s Food Crisis Appeal

UnitingWorldAfrica Famine Appeal

World Vision AustraliaEast Africa Emergency

* If you are an ACFID member and would like us to list your emergency appeal, please complete the ACFID Emergency Appeal Compliance Form.

Last updated on 23 March 2017