Beirut Explosion Emergency Appeals

(Last updated 10th August 2020)

The explosion at the port of Beirut has killed more than 150 people, injured thousands, and damaged the homes of more than 300,000 people.

The blast devastated entire neighbourhoods, destroyed more than 80% of the food stock stored at the port, and damaged hospitals and health facilities. The loss of the port of Beirut provides a significant challenge for Lebanon, a country already grappling with an ongoing economic crisis, and the impacts of COVID-19.

ACFID's members and their local partners are working with local authorities and communities to provide shelter, food, water, and emergency supplies to families impacted by the explosion. They are supporting local healthcare efforts and supporting the reunification of families separated by this disaster.

Please find out more about the valuable efforts of our members and how you can contribute to their responses below.  

You can be assured that your support to any member listed below will meet identified needs on the ground. The standards by which ACFID's members make appeals for donations for crises are set by ACFID’s Code of Conduct. This includes a responsibility to provide clear information to their donors on the emergency and the work they are doing with affected communities. All ACFID member appeals below have been checked and meet Code of Conduct requirements.

Act For Peace

Act for Peace is supporting our local partner the Department of Services to Palestinian Refugee (DSPR) on the ground to get supplies to those in most urgent need. They are providing households who have partially or totally lost their homes with emergency food packages, hygiene supplies along with protective items like sanitiser, hygiene kits and household cleaning materials to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

ActionAid Australia

ActionAid is on the ground in Beirut working with local partners to support some of the worst-hit families with essential supplies like food, hygiene kits, masks and shelter.

Anglican Board of Mission

Support for ‘those members of the communities in Beirut most stricken by this tragedy'.

Australia for UNHCR

UNHCR is responding in the aftermath of the two explosions that devastated Beirut in August 2020. Our teams are on the ground assessing what shelter is needed, and which areas are most affected. We are getting emergency weatherproofing materials to the worst affected and supporting Beirut to repair and rehabilitate after this tragedy. UNHCR is working with community organisations to provide psychological first aid, help identify the missing, and refer people in need to specialised services, all while delivering aid.

Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross, as part of the global Red Cross movement is working closely with the Lebanese Red Cross to ensure they have the support they need to lead an effective emergency response to the explosion, and into the long run, as Lebanese Red Cross volunteers and staff continue working around the clock to support the more than 300,000 people displaced by the disaster with medical treatment, shelter and psychosocial support.

CARE Australia

CARE teams are hard at work to meet the most urgent needs – shelter, food – and support rebuilding efforts. We are providing warm meals, shelter and cash assistance. Mental health support and hygiene kits will also be crucial in the coming months. CARE Lebanon’s teams have already begun mobilising with a range of experts from shelter to social workers; with a particular emphasis on women and girls who are most vulnerable in these situations. We will also focus on providing hygiene products to households to try and help stem further waves of coronavirus.

Global Mission Partners

GMP is partnering with the Action by Churches Together Alliance (ACT Alliance) in raising support to provide immediate assistance to those most affected by the disaster.  Through the ACT Alliance members in Lebanon, assistance is being provided for shelter, food security, health care for those injured from the blasts, WASH, unconditional cash support, and rehabilitation of damaged schools.

Islamic Relief Australia

Islamic Relief is on the ground to support those affected by the explosion, those who have already been crippled by the devastating economic crisis in the country, as well as with the current pandemic. Our response priorities are to provide urgent assistance in the form of food, shelter, medical treatment and hygiene supplies.

MAA International

Muslim Aid Australia is urgently liaising with our teams on the ground to provide emergency relief. Based on the reports from the ground, we are aiming to provide hot food packs, facilitate mobile blood donation vehicles, and provide other emergency aid to the most affected.  

PLAN International Australia

Plan International provides urgent relief to communities in crisis all over the world, like those in Lebanon, who are in urgent need.  We are offering food supplies for the displaced, assisting authorities in search and rescue, establishing  child-safe friendly places for children and providing emergency hygiene kits including protection equipment as COVID-19 remains a threat and measures to protect girls at risk of gender-based violence during emergencies.

Transform Aid International (trading as Baptist World Aid)

Today your gift will give urgent help to explosion survivors in Beirut.  It means emergency food and water for families who now find themselves homeless in the wake of this destruction.  It means healthcare support for children, women, and men, when the hospitals in Beirut  are either destroyed or overwhelmed by those injured in the blast.  And once these urgent needs have been met, your gift will provide crucial livelihoods support… to help affected families continue to survive, well into the future.

UNICEF Australia

Donations to UNICEF Australia's Lebanon Emergency Appeal will support providing clean drinking water to workers and frontline responders, assisting the Ministry of Public Health to transfer what is left of stored medicines and vaccines, and working with child protection partners to provide psychosocial support.

Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA

Donations to Union Aid Abroad- APHEDA will assist our established partner organisation, the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation, to respond to the immediate needs of women, children and vulnerable families in the Palestinian camps located in southern Beirut. This support includes immediate additional food and nourishment to prevent severe malnutrition especially of children, and sanitation packs for families to prevent further spread of COVID19.

World Vision Australia

World Vision’s Beirut appeal is focusing on helping the thousands of children and their families impacted by the devastating explosion in Lebanon, by providing food, household items, and hygiene supplies in the form of disinfectant kits.