Complaints Received by ACFID: a three-year snapshot

The ACFID Code of Conduct provides an independent mechanism to address concerns relating to the conduct of ACFID’s members. The Code of Conduct Committee (the Committee) is responsible for investigating complaints.

During the 2018/2019 financial year a total of 10 complaints were received. Of these, 6 were considered by the Committee or Committee’s Chair and 4 were processed by the Code Secretariat. Of those considered by the Committee, 2 complaints were investigated and dismissed, 2 complaints were mediated, 1 did not progress, and 1 was investigated and upheld.


Number of new complaints/enquiries1061
Complaint, area of the codeCommunication, Governance (Quality Principles 6 & 7)41-
Resource management, People & Culture (Quality Principles 8 & 9)53-
Complaints handling (7.3.3)121
Member Organisation2  
Member of public1  
Primary stakeholder2  
OutcomeComplainant did not pursue32 
 Investigated and dismissed221
 Investigated and upheld1  
 Referred to a more appropriate jurisdiction1