Conference 2015

ACFID National Conference 2015

Innovation and Development – Learn, Adapt, Change, Evolve


You can watch all of the important segments from the 2015 conference by visiting ACFID's Youtube Channel.

ACFID National Conference 2015: Coinciding with ACFID’s 50th year, our 2015 National Conference took place in Sydney on 15th and 16th October with the theme of Innovation and Development. 





What did we hear and learn at ACFID's National Conference? Current development challenges and the space for innovation were the key topics addressed at the ACFID National Conference in October 2015.





Perspective from politicians. Three federal politicians addressed ACFID’s National Conference, all providing varying perspectives on the aid challenges facing Australia.





ACFID Research. To inform debate and discussions at the ACFID National Conference, ACFID engaged Oxfam Australia, in partnership with Inventium, to examine how innovation is currently understood and applied by ACFID member agencies.






Propositions for innovation and impact. Through the masterclass leading up to conference and three participatory workshops at conference, ACFID asked participants to put forward propositions on fast-tracking innovation and impact in our sector.





Changes to ACFID’s Constitution. ACFID members passed a number of changes to ACFID’s Constitution at the Annual General Meeting to support the delivery of the organisations new five-year Strategic Plan.





Political resolutions passed at the ACFID. Members passed two political resolutions at ACFID Annual General Meeting on 16 October. 





ACFID 2016 Awards. Four ACFID Annual Awards were presented at the ACFID National Conference in Sydney on 15 October