COVID-19 in India - Emergency Appeals

Last Updated: 30 April 2021

India is experiencing a devastating second wave of COVID-19, with over 18 million confirmed cases in the country and over 204,000 deaths. Nearly 350,000 new infections are being reported each day.

Healthcare facilities in India’s major cities are struggling to cope, with hospitals reporting shortages of oxygen and other critical medical supplies.

There are further concerns that migrant workers returning home from India’s major cities will take the virus with them to smaller towns and villages, where health facilities are less well equipped to respond.

ACFID members and their local partners are working with local authorities to respond to the pandemic in India, including through:

  • Increasing access to life-saving oxygen
  • Supporting testing and vaccination centres
  • Providing cash grants to vulnerable households and migrant workers who have no income due to the lockdown
  • Distributing PPE and safety and sanitation kits
  • Raising awareness of COVID-safe behaviours including the use of masks, physical distancing, and vaccination measures.

Please find out more about the valuable efforts of our members and how you can contribute to their responses below.  

You can be assured that your support to any member listed below will meet identified needs on the ground. The standards by which ACFID's members make appeals for donations are set by ACFID’s Code of Conduct. This includes a responsibility to provide clear information to their donors on the emergency and the work they are doing with affected communities.

All ACFID member appeals below have been checked and meet Code of Conduct requirements.

Donate Responsibly

Unrequested goods such as food, clothing and medicines sent to countries experiencing crises consistently end up in landfill. Unrequested goods block valuable space at ports and airports and can prevent vital aid getting through. Cash is fast, flexible, and is used to meet the immediate and changing needs of those affected.

With cash donations goods can be sourced and purchased locally. This supports local businesses, keeps people in jobs, and stimulates the local economy.

If you want your donation to have a long-lasting impact, consider donating cash. Find out more about how to donate responsibly at:

ActionAid Australia

ActionAid is on the ground working in 24 states across India to scale up an urgent response to the crisis, supporting the most vulnerable including through: large-scale distribution of safety and sanitation kits, including protective items to vulnerable workers and communities; establishing help desks to provide lifesaving information and connect people to health services; direct cash transfers for food and medical needs to the most vulnerable households; and setting up testing and vaccination centres

ADRA Australia

ADRA is on the ground working to scale up the response to COVID-19 in Delhi, Surat, Pune and Bangalore. Funds raised will provide hospitals with PPE, support local health clinics to increase vaccine access and will help establish oxygen generation plants at medical facilities so that COVID-19 patients have a constant supply of oxygen.

Anglican Board of Mission

Funds will go to an ecumenical Crisis Response by Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance in India, supporting people who are sick at home or quarantined, providing them with cash to buy medicines and other emergency needs

Assisi Aid Projects

Assisi Aid Projects is committed to continue to support the rural and tribal communities of Tamil Nadu, and our implementing partner and staff at Integrated Development Trust. We are currently working with our partners to determine their specific needs, including a relief distribution, so that our support matches the changing needs of the communities. Supported by generous donors, Assisi Aid Projects provided food and essential items to 2463 families impacted by the first COVID lock down in June 2020. We are preparing for another relief distribution in the coming months.

CARE is working closely with the Indian Government to set up temporary hospitals with oxygen supplies, medical staff, PPE kits, and other essentials. CARE’s dedicated 100-bed COVID Care Centre in Bihar has already started admitting patients. CARE has been working in India for more than 70 years and thanks to our close relationships with the local governments we are uniquely positioned to ensure our response saves as many lives as possible. Please give today to help provide more hospital beds, oxygen supplies, PPE kits, and other lifesaving essentials.

Caritas Australia

Caritas Australia is currently working with local partners to provide urgent assistance to communities facing COVID-19. Through our network of local churches and NGOs, we are delivering critical health supplies, Personal Protective Equipment, hygiene kits, soap and sanitation to some of the most remote and marginalised communities. We also raise awareness through prevention education so that vulnerable communities can better protect themselves from the virus. Stand with our global neighbours today and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Global Development Group

Global Development Group partners in India are currently mobilizing and adjusting their programs in response to COVID-19. Partners are initiating COVID-19 emergency relief projects to provide essential items such as sanitiser, face masks and food packages. Health focused projects are working to provide awareness and health care, while partners that have the capacity and resources are caring for COVID-19 patients. The grassroots nature of GDG partners has been a positive during this time of immense difficulty in India.

Opportunity International Australia

We work with local microfinance partners to provide emergency relief to vulnerable communities where essential health services are decimated. To manage COVID-19 infections, we’re using branch offices to provide basic care beds with oxygen supply, providing telemedicine services and collaborating with government to rollout vaccinations. We’re distributing food rations and medicine so people with mild symptoms can isolate safely and establishing a temporary ambulance service for critical cases. We are also providing small business loans to support restore livelihoods for a future beyond COVID-19 

Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Australia has launched an emergency appeal to raise funds to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in India. For families living in poverty, in cramped conditions without hygienic sanitation facilities, the risk of infection is alarmingly high. Oxfam's operators are on the ground, distributing urgently needed oxygen tanks, supplying beds, digital thermometers and other essential supplies to overwhelmed hospitals. Oxfam teams have been deployed to five of the worst-hit states in India.

Plan International Australia

Over a year on from the first COVID-19 infection, communities around the world are still facing the devastating impacts of the deadly virus. Now, countries like India are facing a violent next wave – threatening millions of lives. India’s next wave is now spilling over into neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar. This is set to kick-start a regional crisis that could be worse than anything we’ve seen. Will you urgently donate to help children and communities around the world access assistance like food, oxygen, information, medical care centres and health supplies they need to avert disaster.

Salesian Missions Australia or

With a global presence the Salesians of Don Bosco are working at the grassroots with communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 360 schools and 500 community programs throughout India, the Salesian network are currently providing direct aid and relief to those most in need.

Currently we are raising funds to help support, our ‘Outreach programs’ which include the distribution of groceries, cooked food, protective equipment and toiletries, the supply of oxygen/machines to hospitals and treatment centres, and COVID-19 prevention campaigns and education of vaccination acceptance.

Tearfund Australia

The project will be implemented firstly through EFICOR, a local partner organisation in India, and also through other local partners responding to COVID-related needs.  The activity focus of the project is:

  • Cash grants to migrant workers and their families who have lost work due to the lockdowns and illness in rural India (4000 households)
  • Cash grants/vouchers to daily wage labourers and their families in Delhi who are affected by the lockdown and have no income (2000 households)
  • 20 days employment to 6000 households through Cash for Work programs for migrant families in Bihar, Jharkar.

UNICEF Australia

UNICEF Australia is urgently appealing for funds to supply 50 Oxygen Generation Plants to treat critically ill patients. Donations will increase access to life-saving oxygen by delivering Oxygen Generation Plants to hospitals to treat severe and critical COVID-19 cases, provide rapid, accurate testing machines in some of the most affected districts and support the ongoing distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through COVAX initiative.

World Vision Australia

World Vision is responding to the COVID-19 crisis impacting India's most vulnerable communities. It is focused on sourcing and providing oxygen equipment, hospital beds and PPE to grassroots health centres to meet the desperate and urgent need. World Vision is one of the largest child-focused NGOs in India with vast experience of working with vulnerable communities across the country. It has been deeply engaged in supporting millions of Indians through the first phase of the pandemic by helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Go to or call 13 32 40 to give today.