Emergency Appeal Compliance Form

When responding to emergencies, Code of Conduct signatories should make sure that they are aware of ACFID Code requirements that apply.

The Emergency Response Checklist has been developed to assist Signatories who are establishing an appeal to help support humanitarian efforts.  These requirements are not in addition to Code obligations but to assist you to manage Code Compliance during the high pressure process of launching and managing an appeal. 

Please also take the opportunity to review the relevant Code of Conduct standards and take steps to ensure compliance throughout emergency response periods.



I confirm: 1 I have reviewed our emergency appeals website and am satisfied that the information is compliant with the ACFID Code of Conduct as outlined in the Emergency Appeal Website Checklist - Click here 2 That our agency will inform ACFID’s Humanitarian and Human Rights Advisor that our emergency appeal has finished, as soon as possible after our appeal has finished and within seven days of our appeal finishing. The Code of Conduct Committee (CCC) will conduct random checks of promotional material during emergency appeals. In the event the CCC identifies any breach, I agree to rectify any Code of Conduct breaches identified by the CCC within requested timeframes and to put in place systems to avoid any future recurrence of these incidents.