Governance of the Code

The Code is owned by the ACFID Members and the ACFID Council must agree to any changes. 

ACFID’s Code of Conduct is independently governed on behalf of the ACFID Board and ACFID Council by the ACFID Code of Conduct Committee (CCC). The CCC has autonomy in decision- making in regard to determining the Code signatory status of ACFID members, compliance assessments and complaints handling. Only the CCC has authority to grant, suspend and revoke Code signatory status which is a pre-requisite for ACFID Membership. 

The Quality Assurance Framework is owned by the CCC. Any changes to the framework must be approved by the CCC following appropriate consultation with members and with advice and support from the Development Practice Committee and ACFID secretariat. Any changes to the Quality Assurance Framework approved by the CCC are tabled at the ACFID Board with the Board retaining a right of veto. Changes become operative upon approval by the Board. 

The Code Secretariat, located within the ACFID Secretariat, supports the CCC and undertakes administration and management of the Code.