Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Response

(Last Updated: 17 October)

On 28 September a series of powerful earthquakes struck Central Sulawesi province in Indonesia. The most powerful earthquake measured 7.5 M and triggered a tsunami with waves up to three metres impacting coastal areas in Donggala and Palu. The damage from the earthquakes, tsunami, and resulting landslides and liquefaction have devastated areas in Donggala, Palu and Sigi.

There have been over 2,100 confirmed fatalities, more than 78,000 people are displaced, and over 330,000 people have been left with inadequate shelter.

It is estimated that over 190,000 people need urgent humanitarian assistance, and that the lives of more than 1.5 million people have been affected.

Aid agencies have stated that immediate needs include shelter, clean water and sanitation, protection, and medical care including reproductive health, public health management, and psychosocial support.

On 1 October the Government of Indonesia welcomed offers of international assistance, based on humanitarian need. On 5 October the Indonesia Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and the Government of Indonesia who is leading the response, released a Response Plan seeking US$50.5 million in funding for the initial response from October to December 2018.

ACFID’s members and their local partners are working in close coordination with the Government of Indonesia and the HCT to meet the immediate needs of those impacted by this disaster.

ACFID’s members and their local partners are responding by: providing medical care; providing urgently needed water, food, and shelter; providing children with safe spaces; and offering psychosocial support to those affected by the crisis.

Please find out more about the valuable efforts of our members and how you can contribute to their responses (below).

You can be assured that your support is meeting identified needs. The standards by which ACFID's members make appeals for donations for large emergencies and crises are set by ACFID’s Code of Conduct. This includes a responsibility to provide clear information to their donors on the emergency situation and the work they are doing with affected communities.

Act for Peace - Indonesia Emergency

Act for Peace's partner is in Palu, Sulawesi and is ready to provide essential items such as tarpaulins, buckets and blankets. They will be distributing emergency shelter and tools to assist people with a temporary and transitional place to stay, as well as hygiene kits, water and sanitation to prevent the spread of disease.

ActionAid Australia - Emergency Appeal Indonesia

ActionAid in Indonesia is working in coalition with ten local Civil Society Organisations to respond to the emergency in Palu and Donggala, focusing on search and rescue operations and distribution of relief items. The team has reached the most affected areas bringing temporary shelter, electricity generators and solar lamps and is distributing essential items to affected communities, including water, nappies, and blankets. ActionAid recognizes that women are disproportionately impacted in disasters and supports women’s leadership in humanitarian emergencies. 

ADRA Australia - Indonesia Tsunami Appeal

ADRA is providing urgently-needed shelter kits to 3300 families affected by the Indonesian earthquakes and tsunami. The shelter kits include tarpaulins, ropes, poles, nails, hammers and hand saws. This is a vital temporary measure to ensure people who have lost their homes can have somewhere dry to sleep. ADRA is well-placed to continue to help. An Emergency Response Team has already been deployed and plans are underway to fund water, sanitation and hygiene projects as part of the longer-term recovery process. Your urgent donation today will help families in desperate need.

Anglican Overseas Aid - Indonesia Tsunami

Anglican Overseas Aid has launched an appeal to help the people of Donggala and Palu in aid and recovery efforts through our membership of the global ACT Alliance

Australia for UNHCR - Indonesia Earthquake Emergency

Australia for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is planning to airlift family tents and Refugee Housing Units to shelter thousands of people. It has also deployed specialists and is working closely with authorities and partners to assess the help needed.

Australian Lutheran World Service - Indonesia Earthquake Tsunami Disaster

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) will work through ACT Alliance to deliver our disaster response. Our partners (CDRM&CDS) have confirmed the action needed is shelter, health, protection, and emergency preparation for people with disabilities. Disaster-risk reduction is a critical part of the ongoing work ALWS does in Indonesia, so our partners are well-equipped in this area. Our focus is likely to be on the most vulnerable: elderly, sick, people with disabilities, children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Australian Red Cross - Indonesia Earthquakes and Tsunami Appeal 2018

Australian Red Cross and Indonesian Red Cross are supporting 80,000 people affected by the tsunami and earthquakes in Indonesia. From the beginning, teams of Indonesian Red Cross volunteers and emergency service workers have been on the ground providing search-and-rescue, medical care, food, water and emergency shelter. The Red Cross emergency appeal will enable us to provide life-saving assistance, send specialist aid workers to assist local responders on the ground, and help communities to recover.

Baptist World Aid Australia - Sulawesi Tsunami Appeal

Your urgent support is needed to provide emergency relief to earthquake and tsunami survivors in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The risk of disease outbreak is high. Today your generous gift will help provide food rations for hungry families, basic shelter kits to keep them safe, as well as hygiene items and clean drinking water so they can stay healthy in the wake of this disaster. Your generosity also means desperately needed psychosocial support for vulnerable children and women. Please give generously.

CARE Australia - Indonesia Tsunami Emergency Appeal

CARE is aiming to support a total of 70,000 people with drinking water, emergency hygiene kits and shelter.  Our emergency family shelter kits include items such as such as tarpaulins, sleeping mats, blankets and solar lights will be provided to those who have lost their homes to allow them to survive while the long process of rebuilding begins.

CBM - Tsunami Appeal

Working with local partners to provide, health services, food, water and shelter.

ChildFund Australia - Indonesian Tsunami Emergency

ChildFund Indonesia is working with local NGO LPBI NU (recognised by MOSA) to distribute non-food items including family and child kits in the affected areas. Following further assessments, ChildFund and LPBI NU will establish child safe and child-friendly spaces, where provisional education activities can be provided. Two ChildFund Indonesia staff members have been deployed to the region to support LPBI NU's humanitarian response.

Global Mission Partners - Sulawesi Emergency Appeal

GMP will work through ACT Alliance to meet immediate relief needs of displaced survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi.

Habitat for Humanity Australia - Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami

Habitat for Humanity is raising funds to provide urgent, life-saving shelter assistance to the people of Sulawesi affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Your donation to Habitat for Humanity will provide Emergency Shelter Kits, access to clean drinking water and toilets, and will help affected communities start rebuilding safe and secure shelters as soon as possible.

Islamic Relief AustraliaIndonesia Tsunami

IRAUS has been operating in Indonesia since 2000. Our partner, Islamic Relief Worldwide in Indonesia, is already responding in Earthquake-affected Lombok, and is now assessing needs in Sulawesi. Relief efforts in Palu and Donggala will focus on supporting 450 affected-families (2,000 people) with lifesaving medical help, food packs, drinkable water, shelter, sanitation and hygiene kits, temporary latrine equipment, and safe learning spaces for school children until schools can be rebuilt. IRAUS is initially seeking $100,000 AUD for immediate response

MAA International - Indonesia Earthquake Appeal

A powerful earthquake of 7.5 magnitude rocked the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Friday, triggering a 5-feet-tall tsunami which swept away houses in the cities of Palu and Donggala. The death toll has risen to more than 1400 so far.    MAA's emergency response teams are on the ground providing clean water, food, and essential non-food items to those affected.  

Oxfam AustraliaIndonesia Tsunami Emergency Appeal

Oxfam is scaling up its response to reach 500,000 people in Sulawesi with essential aid supplies like ready-to-eat food, water purification kits and shelter packs. The organisation will also deliver portable water purification systems to affected areas.

Plan International Australia - Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia

Plan International Australia has launched an emergency appeal to support people impacted by the earthquake and tsunami that struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on September 28, 2018. Right now, child protection and the needs of girls and young women are our highest priority. By donating today, you’ll help us respond immediately with ration packs, hygiene kits, emergency shelter, school kits and blankets. Your donation will also support us to create child-friendly spaces, temporary learning centres and counselling and psychosocial support services to help protect children from abuse, exploitation and further disruption and trauma.

Save the Children Australia - Indonesia Tsunami Appeal

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake followed by a tsunami have resulted in hundreds of deaths on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Children and families are in urgent need of emergency shelter, supplies and emotional support. You can help ensure that children and their families receive emergency shelter, supplies and support after being separated from their loved ones and homes.

TEAR Australia - Indonesia Tsunami and Earthquake Appeal

TEAR Australia has launched an Indonesia Tsunami and Earthquake Appeal in response to the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Sulawesi island. Your donation will be used to undertake assessments and distribute relief in affected areas; respond to urgent community needs; and, plan and work towards long-term recovery in communities affected in the weeks and months ahead.

UNICEF Australia - Indonesia Tsunami Appeal

Children are always the most vulnerable in disasters like this. That is why UNICEF staff are on the ground to provide food, water and psychosocial support to children and their families. With more than 70,000 people now homeless as a result of the tsunami and earthquake, UNICEF is focused on reuniting children who have been separated from their families. We are experienced in responding to natural disasters like this, and know the need for aid is significant. Your donation will help us reach children and their families who have been caught at the centre of this disaster.

Uniting World - Indonesia Tsunami

UnitingWorld is working with local church partners in the area to provide immediate emergency response and assist with longer term recovery.

World Vision Australia - Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami

World Vision Australia is appealing for funds to support our local partner Wahana Visi Indonesia who are on the ground assessing emergency needs. Priorities in this period of response include medical treatment and supplies, food, water and shelter.