Mosul Humanitarian Crisis

Below is a list of ACFID members running emergency appeals for the humanitarian crisis in Mosul, Iraq.


Mosul is a city in Northern Iraq which has been governed by Islamic State (IS) since 10 June 2014. Recent attempts to drive IS out of Mosul has forced people to flee the intense violence in the city. The UN reports that up to one million people may be forced to flee for their lives. This may be the greatest humanitarian crisis of 2016.

The people fleeing, including hundreds of thousands of children, will be exposed to winter temperatures of -12 degrees Celsius. ACFID members are scaling up their efforts to meet the humanitarian need by providing essential items including water, food, shelter, sanitation and protection services.

The ACFID members listed below are working in and around Mosul, either directly or through local partners.


Please visit their websites to find out more about their valuable efforts:

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