Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis

(Last Updated: November 2017)

Since August 25, over 600,000 refugees from Rakhine State have crossed over to Bangladesh from Myanmar resulting in a massive humanitarian crisis. Amidst allegations of widespread human rights allegations, refugees have fled in search of safety into neighbouring Bangladesh. Funds are desperately needed as heavy rains and floods in camps have left people facing extreme hardship.

Those fleeing violence have made their way to the Cox’s Bazaar district and join other refugees, bringing the total number of people in need to over 1 million.

The United Nations agencies have declared this crisis at the highest level of humanitarian emergency. The people currently arriving in Bangladesh are finding refuge in already established refugee camps, within the host community and in spontaneous new settlements.

There is a significant need for food, water, shelter and protection for those arriving in Bangladesh. A large majority of those fleeing are women and children. Children account for approximately 60% of those who have sought safety in makeshift settlements.  The area has recently experienced flooding and more rains are predicted.  Due to the makeshift nature of the settlements, water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure is under-developed and the flooding increases the risk of significant outbreaks of disease.

The Government of Bangladesh have kept their borders open to enable people to seek safety and to allow the international community to provide the required humanitarian assistance.  While access is limited, Australian NGOs who have had a long-standing presence in the region are able to provide lifesaving support to those in greatest need.

ACFID's members are responding by providing: medical care, emergency food, clean water, hygiene and sanitation kits, and supporting women and girls in responding to increased threats of gender based violence.

Please use the links below to find out more about the valuable efforts of our members and how you can contribute.

You can be assured that your support is meeting identified needs. The standards by which ACFID's members make appeals for donations for large emergencies and crises are set by ACFID’s Code of Conduct. This includes a responsibility to provide clear information to their donors on the emergency situation and the work they are doing with affected communities.

Act for Peace Rohingya Crisis Appeal

Act for Peace is raising funds to provide urgent, life-saving assistance to Rohingya people fleeing violence and persecution. Our partners in Bangladesh are already providing food and emergency shelter near the border and treating urgent medical conditions. Funds raised will support our partners to provide toilets, hygiene kits, trauma counselling, and special programs for mothers and young children.

ActionAid | Myanmar Rohingya Emergency

ActionAid will be distributing critical relief items including rice and lentils, clean drinking water and materials for emergency shelter. ActionAid is prioritising the protection of women’s rights during the crisis, supporting women to respond to increased risks of gender based violence. ActionAid will be distributing hygiene kits containing sanitary towels, soap, clean underwear and disinfectant, and will also be starting work next week to lay tube wells, dig latrines and create washing facilities for women and girls.

ADRA Rohingya Refugee Crisis

ADRA is providing urgent food and shelter for the displaced Rohingya refugees. Many of those who fled Myanmar arrived in Bangladesh with only the clothes they were wearing, and minimal food. Now they are stuck in muddy, crowded refugee camps – desperate for safety and lacking basic necessities. Your support will provide urgent food and shelter. 


Anglican Overseas Aid | Rohingya Humanitarian Appeal

Anglican Overseas Aid’s ACT Alliance partners are helping with the work in affected Rohingya communities in Myanmar. Donations will be used to provide shelter, hygiene kits, kitchen utensils, and clothes. They are also providing reliable access to food, psychosocial support, help to support business affected by the displacement; unconditional cash, education, and advocacy programs. More than 21,000 households and 15,000 individuals will be benefited by this assistance. Our partners will be working with local Myanmar church and faith-based agencies to support communities affected in Northern and Central Rakhine, including diverse ethnic and faith groups.

Australian Red Cross Myanmar Crisis Appeal

Australian Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal to help those affected by violence in northern Rakhine, Myanmar. In Myanmar, we are providing first aid and medical supplies, distributing food, drinking water, hygiene kits and other essentials. In Bangladesh we are offering medical care through an emergency hospital and mobile medical teams, as well as emergency shelter, toilets, food and safe drinking water. We are also providing personal and social support, including safe spaces for women and children, as well as reconnecting families who became separated as they fled.



 Baptist World Australia Aid / Transform Aid International| Rohingya Crisis Appeal

We are working with our Integral Alliance partner Medair to help Rohingya refugee children, women and men in Bangladesh. Your donations give thirsty families living in informal settlements clean drinking water, provides food support and critical care to acutely malnourished children, and supplies sanitation kits to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

CARE Myanmar Bangladesh Crisis

CARE’s emergency teams in Bangladesh are distributing food and essential shelter items to thousands of people in Cox’s Bazar district, where most refugees from Myanmar have sought shelter. We are working with local authorities and partners to scale up our response as quickly as possible and help families in desperate need.

Caritas Asia Emergency Appeal

Caritas is working with local partners to provide urgent humanitarian relief to the 600,000 Rohingya refugees who have crossed the Myanmar border to the Cox’s Bazaar district in Bangladesh. Your donation to the Caritas Asia Emergency Appeal will help Caritas to respond to immediate needs of this devastating humanitarian crisis by providing essential food items such as dal, salt, sugar and cooking oil, as well as basic cooking utensils to almost 29,317 families in desperate need. 

ChildFund Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis

In partnership with ActionAid Australia, ChildFund Australia will be providing humanitarian aid to children and families fleeing Myanmar, and who are now resident in refugee camps in Bangladesh. This response will prioritise the delivery of emergency shelter, food and water, and sanitation items for mothers and children.

Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis, Image credit: Depo Photos/ABACA

Muslim Aid Myanmar Emergency Appeal

MAA is helping to address the humanitarian crisis by providing essential aid to those currently displaced in Myanmar and Bangladesh. As part of our response to this emergency crisis, MAA is distributing Rice, Beans, Sugar, Milk Powder, Blankets, Utensils and Hygiene Packs to thousands of families in the most affected areas.

Oxfam Bangladesh Rohingya Crisis

Oxfam is responding now and has reached nearly 100,000 people by providing clean drinking water, portable toilets and sanitation facilities, plastic sheets, and other essential supplies. We are also supplying other life-saving essentials such as food rations. In total, we are planning to reach more than 200,000 people. We will also help design the new camp to make sure water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities are in line with international humanitarian standards.


Plan | Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh 

Plan International has scaled up operations to respond to the urgent need of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. The scale of this humanitarian crisis is enormous and unlikely to be resolved quickly. Plan International are working hard to help children and families recover and respond both now and in the long term by:
  • Creating safe spaces where women and children can be protected from violence, exploitation and neglect.
  • Constructing sanitation facilities to halt the spread of disease and give women safe and dignified toilets.
  • Supporting governments identify unaccompanied and separated children.

RedR Australia Myanmar Appeal

RedR Australia is sending international emergency response experts to provide critical surge support to our United Nations (UN) partner agencies in Bangladesh. We are an international Standby Partner to 10 UN agencies. We train and deploy humanitarian experts as part of surge support to our UN partners during international crises. Our “fly in fly out” humanitarians are specialist first responders in emergencies and in Bangladesh will support these agencies to provide food, water, shelter and access to public health services.

The first experts to deploy include two engineers who will choose appropriate sites for the construction of refugee camps and food distribution centres and advise on the construction of shelters and other camp infrastructure. We are also sending a protection adviser to ensure the most vulnerable are protected and can access food.

Save the Children Rohingya Crisis

Save the Children is on the ground providing urgently needed food and shelter to children and families who have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh. We are distributing hygiene kits to stop disease spreading among already vulnerable people. We have set up safe spaces for children who have arrived alone after losing family members to violence and the chaos of leaving their homes. The scale of need is huge and we urgently need your support.

TEAR  Rohingya Refugee Response

TEAR Australia is raising funds to assist those fleeing from violence and persecution in Rakhine state, Myanmar. We are working with partners in Bangladesh who are providing food and non-food items, including hygiene kits, cooking equipment, shelter items and blankets.

World Vision Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis

Many of those fleeing violence are children, who are especially vulnerable to malnutrition and disease when living in makeshift settlements. World Vision's initial response will focus on the immediate food needs of 3,050 refugee families, especially women and children, living in such settlements in the Ukhia sub-district in Cox's Bazar. The food packages we provide consist of enough rice, pulses, vegetable oil and sugar to last families for two weeks.

UNHCRThe Rohingya Emergency

Australia for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency’s fundraising partner in Australia, is running an emergency appeal for the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh. Over half a million refugees arrived in just the first six weeks of the emergency. Funds are urgently needed for UNHCR to continue providing shelter, core relief items, medical treatment and vaccinations, installation of latrines and wells, protection and registration activities, and support to host communities.

UNICEF Help Rohingya Children

UNICEF is working around the clock to help a quarter of a million Rohingya children and their families in Bangladesh. We’re providing them with clean water and sanitation and hygiene packs to prevent the spread of disease. We’re also providing life-saving treatment for almost 14,500 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. And we’re vaccinating 150,000 children from diseases like measles and rubella. Rohingya children remain in grave danger. Please help us, help them.

UnitingWorld | Rohingya Refugee Crisis

UnitingWorld is supporting a joint humanitarian response by ACT Alliance members to deliver emergency food and shelter; health, nutrition and WASH programs to the Rohingya community in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.