Request for Tender

Upon request, ACFID may list Industry Requests for Tender on behalf of our members and partners.

For Non-Members, the cost of advertising a Request for Tender is $400 + GST for the duration of the tender advertisement. Re-advertising will incur the same cost.


Current RFTs:

Emergency Action Alliance Performance Assessment Framework – Process Design and  Facilitation

The Emergency Action Alliance is a new initiative comprising 17 Australian humanitarian NGOs which will raise funds from the Australian public for large-scale international disaster responses.  The EAA intends to set new standards of accountability to communities and to donors among joint appeal mechanisms worldwide.

These intentions are ambitious and will require new paradigms and techniques for measurement and communication of collective impact and accountability.  The inclusivity and consequent diversity of EAA membership makes comparison of impact a challenge; different organisations use different approaches, have different ‘niches’ and work at different stages throughout the DRM cycle.

EAA has committed to a continuous improvement approach which will ensure that EAA funds are allocated to agencies which consistently demonstrate high impact programme delivery.  Moreover, the variety of approaches among EAA agencies and the diversity of their humanitarian interventions are acknowledged, valued and considered a strength for a collaborative mechanism such as EAA

Agencies will propose “Impact Benchmarks” which characterise the quality measures of their programmes, and these benchmarks will be subject to peer review and accepted as indicators of a “good programme” by the other EAA members (acceptance of “different colours of good”).  Impact Benchmarks will reference generic sector standards (e.g. Core Humanitarian Standard) where appropriate, but agencies may also choose to add attributes that are specific to the programmes, and/or approaches which they implement.  Agencies’ performance will be assessed against their own Impact Benchmarks.

A workshop or a series of mini workshops (the Process) is proposed to build common understanding among EAA’s programme delivery specialists to initiate, support and socialise the next level of detailed design of EAA’s Performance Assessment Framework.  Covid-19 necessitates planning to accomplish the Process outcomes in a virtual environment.  Input from a variety of external stakeholders is also seen as critical in responding to new and emerging ways of measuring impact and value for money.

Individual consultants or organisations are invited to express interest in being contracted to design and facilitate the Process which will, ideally, be complete by the end of October 2020.

Expressions of interest should be received by 09:00 AEST on Thursday 10th September 2020.

If you wish to apply or read further, please download this EOI summary.


EOI – Mapping the ACFID Code of Conduct and DFAT Accreditation Criteria

ACFID seeks a consultant with detailed knowledge of the ACFID Code of Conduct and the DFAT NGO Accreditation process to map the compliance requirements of both sets of standards. This guidance will assist ACFID, its members and key stakeholders in understanding the relationship between the two reporting processes, and identify opportunities for better alignment and efficiencies, particularly for ACFID members who are, or wish to be, DFAT accredited. 
The project’s primary task is the development of a document that can be shared with ACFID members and external stakeholders, which compares the different reporting processes and requirements of the ACFID Code and DFAT Accreditation. An additional task will be to provide recommendations to ACFID about opportunities for better alignment or greater efficiencies between the two reporting processes, which maintain the integrity of the ACFID Code of Conduct. 
For details on the project and how to submit an expression of interest for the consultancy, please see the full TOR and call for consultancy document. Submissions are requested no later than midday AEST on Thursday 18 June 2020.