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Professional services for transition to Infor Sunsystem

AFAO leads Australia’s effort to end HIV transmission. We have worked with Australian governments for more than 30 years to achieve a world-class response to HIV of which we can be proud. Internationally, we foster the development of regional and country-level responses to HIV of effective HIV policy and programs and represent Australia’s community response to HIV in global forums.

AFAO currently uses XERO cloud-based accounting software. Infor SunSystems will better suit AFAO’s needs for a cloud-based system that can accommodate financial transactions in a range of currencies and with sophisticated and customisable reporting capability. AFAO will also wish to use the Infor Query and Analysis for SunSystems tool.

The aim of the project is to smoothly transition AFAO in the set-up and use of Infor SunSystems financial management software.

Tender Details

For more information on the Professional services for transition to Infor Sunsystems tender, see AFAO’s website.

Application Details

Applicants should provide a proposal addressing the assessment criteria and including the contact details of at least two referees.

Proposals must be submitted to Ms Sarita Ghimire, Manager, Business Operations, at [email protected] by Monday 30 May 2022.


Expressions of Interest Sought: AP4D Editorial Support

October 2021 to June 2022 

The Asia Pacific Development, Diplomacy and Defence Dialogue (AP4D) creates a new dimension in Australia’s international policy-making by bringing together the development, diplomacy and defence communities. It combines the skills and experience of each to achieve new insights, develop new ideas and promote strategic collaboration around shared interests.

The AP4D’s inaugural research program, “Shaping a shared future — deepening Australia’s influence in Southeast Asia and the Pacific” is funded by the Australian Civil Military Centre (ACMC) and will demonstrate the value of an integrated approach to the strategic challenges Australia faces in these two key regions.   

The program will be delivered in 2021-22 and is structured around two six-month components on Southeast Asia and the Pacific, run consecutively as follows:  

  • Collaborate to determine key operational and policy impediments to Australia's influence in Southeast Asia

  • Connect the development, diplomacy and defence communities to look at policy options in priority areas 

  • Create a suite of strategies, policies and tools to enhance Australia’s relationships in Southeast Asia and the Pacific 

The program is led by Program Lead Melissa Conley Tyler and is hosted by ACFID. 

Expected outputs 

Program outputs include options papers, briefings and other publications. The consultant will support the Program Lead and AP4D authors to deliver outputs that: 

  • are stylistically consistent and are in line with program templates and style guidelines  

  • are high-quality, evidence-based and compelling  

  • meet the needs of specific target audiences, including senior decision- makers and program stakeholders 

  • are in line the program’s Communication Protocols 

Expected services

The successful consultant will:

  • Provide editorial support to lead authors of options papers and other publications to ensure high quality outputs that are clear, compelling and consistent with AP4D style and branding guidelines 

  • Work with the Program Lead to advise on the program’s communications objectives 

  • Provide other communications support to the program as required

Expected time allocations

ACFID will contract on the basis of a daily rate daily rate contract. The total allocation of days is approximately 44 days in total to be divided among a panel of available consultants. Consultants might work on just one publication or on multiple publications. 


Remote working, with Zoom and telephone contact as required. 

What are we looking for? 

The successful consultant will possess:  

  • Demonstrated experience and excellence in providing communications and editorial support for research and policy engagement 

  • Have a demonstrated understanding of Australia’s regional environment and the Australian Government’s foreign policy priorities across the three domains    

  • Have a relentless eye for clear and compelling communication, and a practical can-do attitude  

  • Be comfortable facilitating and providing guidance and feedback to senior subject matter experts and program staff 

How to apply

If you are interested in being part of the panel for AP4D editorial support, please do the following:  

  • Email [email protected] with a brief expression of interest including daily rate and approximate number of days available. 

  • Attach a relevant CVs and links/samples of a few pieces of relevant previous work.