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Upon request, ACFID may list Industry Requests for Tender on behalf of our members and partners.

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Current RFTs:


Tonga Community Based Disaster Risk Management Evaluation Consultancy

Disasters present an ongoing and increasing threat to the people of the Pacific region, with Tonga remaining the second most at-risk country from disasters worldwide.1 Act for Peace and TNCC have jointly delivered community-based disaster risk management (CBDRM) programs over the past eight years across the country, which have mitigated the human and economic impacts of subsequent disasters, especially for the most vulnerable people. The CBDRM model, including establishment of local disaster management committees, design of emergency management plans and facilitation of simulation exercises, is broadly accepted to be “of paramount importance” in Pacific island communities, due to the isolation of many communities and level of exposure to disaster risk.

The Tonga Community Disaster Risk Management (TCDRM) Program3, funded by USAID/OFDA since 2013, has supported the Government of Tonga to use the CBDRM model in order to equip remote Tongan communities with the necessary tools to be self-sufficient, adequately prepared and resilient in times of disaster.
Now in its fifth and final year of USAID/OFDA-funded programming, Act for Peace is seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of the five-year program. An evaluation was conducted at the end of the third year, and this evaluation will expand on knowledge acquired at that time.
Please send expressions of interest, including consulting fee, with CV demonstrating relevant experience (including links to previous published work if permitted by copyright) to Yvette Crafti at [email protected] by 26 February 2019. Please include two referees.

The Terms of Reference can be downloaded here.



RFQ: Australian Volunteers Program - Longitudinal Study of Australian Volunteers

The Australian Volunteers Program seeks qualified consultants/consultancy firms to conduct a longitudinal study of skilled international volunteers from the Australian Volunteers Program. The overall aim of the study is to identify and follow over time a small group of Australian volunteers, broadly representative of the range of Australians who volunteer through the program, to understand how they are gaining professionally and personally as a result of the program.

Details of the evaluation are in the attached Terms of Reference.  Tender specifications are in the attached Request for Quotation. Both documents can be downloaded via the following link:

Contact for further information: [email protected]


Closing date: 26 February 2019