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Upon request, ACFID may list Industry Requests for Tender on behalf of our members and partners.

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Current RFTs:

In-Kind Can Be Unkind: Reducing Gifts-in-Kind sent from Australia

Please note the deadline has been extended to Friday 25 August. 

ACFID is calling for expressions of interests for two stages of its new project aimed at reducing the amount of unsolicited goods sent overseas from Australia during humanitarian crises which have negative unintended consequences for relief efforts.

ACFID is seeking expressions of interest from individual consultants, researchers, agencies or service providers who can fulfil Stage 1 or 2, or both stages, of the project. Stage 1 will rely upon demonstrated experience of quantitative and qualitative research and Stage 2 will require demonstrated experience of creating messaging and communications for behavioural change.

Stage 1

The appointed individual or organisation at Stage 1 will create a research and evidence paper to understand who is sending Unsolicited Bilateral Donations (UBDs) from Australia and why UBDs are sent. The appointee will develop an in-depth understanding of the motivations of individuals or groups sending UBDs with a view to inform how behaviour could be changed to deter UBDs being sent. In doing so, the appointee will fulfil the aim of identifying the target audience/s of future messaging and develop the locus of greatest impact for future messages.

Stage 2

The appointed individual or organisation at Stage 2 will use the insights acquired during Stage 1 to develop messages designed to drive behavioural change to reduce the number of UBDs being sent. Primary and secondary messages will be created and tested with targeted audiences to ascertain their effectiveness, as well as with ACFID’s members and stakeholders who will adopt these messages in the future.

Read the Call for Expressions of Interest in-full

Proposals to fulfil either or both stages of the project should be received by Wednesday 23 August at 6pm.

If you require any further information, contact [email protected].