Tropical Cyclone Yasa (Fiji) Emergency Appeal

Last Updated: 18 December 2020

A State of Natural Disaster (effective from December 16 for 30 days) has been declared for all of Fiji as Tropical Cyclone Yasa (Category 5) landed in the north of Vanua Levu on December 17.  Cyclone Yasa is the strongest cyclone to hit Fiji since Cyclone Winston in 2016, with winds over 300km/hr.

Over 23,000 people were evacuated around Fiji and sought shelter at evacuation centres. There have been reports of flooding, landslides and the destruction of homes and property across Vanua Levu, particularly in the Northern Division. 

Cyclone Yasa is the second major cyclone to hit Fiji since the COVID-19 pandemic closed borders and limited movement of supplies and people to and within the Pacific. 

ACFID’s members and their local partners are working with local authorities and communities to assess damage and the needs of communities. Their work will seek to support an inclusive response.

Please find out more about the valuable efforts of our members and how you can contribute to their responses below.  

You can be assured that your support to any member listed below will meet identified needs on the ground. The standards by which ACFID's members make appeals for donations for crises are set by ACFID’s Code of Conduct. This includes a responsibility to provide clear information to their donors on the emergency and the work they are doing with affected communities.

All ACFID member appeals below have been checked and meet Code of Conduct requirements.

Donate Responsibly

Unsolicited goods sent to disaster zones such as food, clothing, toys and building materials consistently end up in landfill. Unsolicited goods block valuable ports and airports and can prevent vital aid getting through. Cash is fast, flexible, and is used to meet the immediate and changing needs of those affected.

Immediately after a disaster, NGOs, governments, and emergency responders are on the ground, saving lives and helping affected communities. With money, goods can be sourced and purchased locally. This supports local markets and businesses, keeps people in jobs and stimulates the local economy. Giving people choice to purchase what they need restores confidence and dignity and returns life back to normal more quickly.

If you want your donation to have a long-lasting impact, consider donating cash.  Find out more about how to donate responsibly at:

ActionAid Australia

ActionAid Australia is supporting Shifting the Power Coalition members in Fiji to respond to Tropical Cyclone Yasa. The emergency response team includes six local women leaders.  The response plans include rapid needs assessment across the Central, Western and Northern Divisions of Fiji with a focus on capturing the specific priorities of women. Providing targeted emergency relief, including food, water, hygiene kits and non-food items, as well as ensuring women’s rights are protected to reduce threats to their safety and dignity. Additional funding is needed to scale up emergency relief.

ADRA Australia

Tropical Cyclone Yasa, a category 5 storm, has devastated Fiji causing damage to roads, crops, farming land, and severe flooding. Hundreds of people have also been left without a home. ADRA is responding by providing pre-positioned water and sanitation hygiene kits to those affected and conducting a thorough needs assessment. To support this response, please donate to our Disaster Relief Fund at ADRA’s immediate response, long-term recovery and disaster risk reduction activities are possible thanks to the provisions in our Disaster Relief Fund.

Anglican Board of Mission Australia

Relief and recovery assistance via the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia. This will include distribution of immediate supplies and longer-term recovery in the form of communal gardens on church properties. It will also likely include a psychosocial support element.

Baptist World Aid

Your gift to the Disaster Action Fund today can help provide for urgent needs like clean water in the wake of disasters like Tropical Cyclone Yasa.

CARE Australia

The funds raised through this appeal will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to communities affected directly or indirectly by Cyclone Yasa. Activities include: Undertaking assessments of impacted areas and analysis of how people of different genders and abilities are impacted; immediately distribute shelter materials, water and sanitation products; support families in recovering their livelihoods through the provision of seeds and tools.

Caritas Australia

Cyclone Yasa, one of the worst cyclones to hit the Pacific in years, has wreaked havoc, as it moved across Vanuatu, hitting Fiji with winds up to 240 km/hr. Cyclone Zazu also impacted Tonga’s northern islands, while Samoa has been impacted by heavy rain resulting in severe flooding. Families across the Pacific are reeling in its wake, with houses, schools and infrastructure destroyed, thousands of people sheltering in evacuation centres. Communities living in poverty are among the hardest hit. Please make a donation to help us provide vital support to communities affected by events like these.

Habitat for Humanity Australia

Your donation will help Habitat to continue to do what we do best: build safer, stronger homes and communities for those affected by Cyclone Yasa.

Plan International Australia

Plan International provides urgent relief to communities in crisis all over the world, like those in Fiji, who are in urgent need after the impact of Cyclone Yasa.  We are supporting their recovery response after disaster and measures to protect girls so they are not forgotten during emergencies.

Tearfund Australia

Tearfund Australia is supporting Tearfund New Zealand’s partnership with Anglican Mission and their network of 23 churches across Fiji to assist the most vulnerable communities in the immediate aftermath. These churches have been involved in mapping their local communities to find and connect with the most vulnerable people (the elderly, people with disabilities, women and child-headed households). Churches have some pre-positioned stocks to distribute to cyclone-impacted households as needed.


Support recovery and rebuild after Cyclone Yasa in Fiji.

The Emergency Action Alliance

The Emergency Action Alliance (EAA) also has information on fundraising for response to Cyclone Yasa. The EAA is a new initiative that brings together 17 of Australia’s leading overseas aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently during major disasters and humanitarian crises. ​​Information can be found at