Code of Conduct

Ethical Decision-Making Framework for Communications

These guidelines explain how to create an Ethical Decision-Making Framework for Communications, to help your organisation address Compliance Indicator 6.2.1 and Compliance Indicator 8.1.2 in the ACFID Code of Conduct.

An Ethical Decision-Making Framework (EDMF) for Communications is a tool to help your organisation make ethical decisions when creating and publishing communications content. It is designed to be applied when operating in ethically ‘grey areas’, where it might not be immediately clear if an image or story should be used.

An EDMF uses a framework of structured discussions at important moments during the storytelling process. It outlines key issues to be considered, when discussions should happen, who should be involved and what personnel should do if they are unable to make a decision.

Implementing an EDMF helps organisations make ethically sound decisions, that are consistent with their mission, values and purpose. It helps ensure all personnel know what to do when faced with difficult decisions and minimises the risks associated with communications, both to our organisations and the people we strive to support.

ACFID has developed this guidance to help members – no matter their size or scope – work through a process of developing an EDMF that is relevant to their organisation.

Download the guidance as a PDF document. For an accessible version of this guidance, please download this Word document.


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