Contribute to an appeal

Humanitarian crises threaten the well-being of communities and populations around the world and with regular frequency. What can you do? How can you help?

In times of crises, we recommend members of the public donate to ACFID Member organisations. You can have confidence that your money is being used well.

ACFID Members are signatories to the ACFID Code of Conduct that commits them to standards of good practice, transparency and accountability in development programs and humanitarian responses. Our members are required to proactively inform donors of how they are using their donations on the ground.

Whether it is a natural disaster or another complex emergency, ACFID compiles lists of its members that are responding to a humanitarian crisis, and you can find these below. These lists are helpful for the media and potential donors who want to know which ACFID members are responding to a particular crisis.

How to help: overseas emergencies and gifts in kind

When a crisis happens overseas, many Australians are moved to assist in any way they can. ACFID appreciates the generosity of the Australian public who provide financial and non-financial support during these times. This brief describes how the Australian public can contribute during overseas emergencies and why cash donations are most often preferable to goods in kind.

Emergency appeals

ACFID compiles a list of members responding to humanitarian emergencies. The emergency appeal lists are a useful tool for the media and potential donors looking to see which ACFID Members are responding to a particular crisis. Current appeals can be viewed on this page.

If you are an ACFID member and would like us to list your emergency appeal on one of the pages above, please complete the ACFID Emergency Appeal Compliance Form.