This page provides a home for ACFID’s work, news, guidance and resources on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA). ACFID is committed to supporting our members to collectively improve their practice, culture and leadership on PSEA, and we are accountable to our commitment to leadership for change.


In 2018, ACFID commissioned the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) to conduct an independent review into sector wide practice in relation to the prevention of sexual misconduct. The review resulted in a report outlining recommendations for strengthening sector-wide practice and culture in relation to PSEA. ACFID is implementing the recommendations and has made it a key focus for the organisation and the sector.

What's New

1st Annual Update on Prevention of Sexual Misconduct
ACFID has published its first annual update against the recommendations of the independent review to improve the practice and response in the prevention of sexual misconduct. 

Gender Audit Toolkit
ACFID has released its new Gender Audit Toolkit to help organisations conduct their own audits.  

PSEA Design Lab
ACFID is now calling for Expressions of Interest from our members and their partners who wish to be involved in a Design Lab utilising innovation techniques to tackle issues in PSEA. 


Read the independent review on the prevention of sexual misconduct. Read ACFID’s cross-sector plan to strengthen practice and culture. Read the latest annual update on our progress against the recommendations.
Improve practice in your organisation with our PSEA toolkit.

Jocelyn Condon is ACFID's Director of Development Effectiveness and leads ACFID's work on PSEA. Contact her directly here.