Welcome to the webpage which will host ACFID’s first SDG learning tool on Systems Thinking and Collaboration.

The full guide will be available here in November.

The Guide has been designed over the last year to support members to engage with the SDGs in all their complexity!

Why Systems Thinking and Collaborative Responses?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a transformational agenda for change.

Transformation, by definition, cannot be achieved through existing ways of working.

ACFID’s SDG work is characterised by the following elements:

  • thinking systemically,
  • working collaboratively,
  • reporting on impact and;
  • going beyond business as usual. 


To this end, new ways of working need to be explored, tested and adopted.

The purpose of this course is for individuals to explore and test systems change and collaborative responses as a way of working differently.

ACFID believes that these approaches are essential to achieving the SDGs.

The ACFID Guide on Systems Thinking and Collaborative Responses

We will provide two sets of material.

  1. An online course for an individual learner.  These will be available on this website free of charge.
  2. A facilitators guide and content for a 1.5 day workshop for groups of learners.  This will be available on this website free of charge.

The course is delivered online in 10 modules. Content is largely video based supported by exercises and links to additional reading and resources.

The course is self-directed and can be completed within a day or at your own pace.

Modules will be accessible individually and include:

Module 1: Welcome and purpose

Module 2: What is complexity?

Module 3: What is system change?

Module 4: Learning how to diagnose systems

Module 5: Case Study: the Kakoda Trail

Module 6: Application: Using the RAPTA system assessment tool

Module 7: How do you design collaborative responses?

Module 8: How do you start a collaborative response?

Module 9: How do build a common agenda?

Module 10: Reflection and next steps

The Guide equips users to facilitate a 1.5 day workshop for groups of learners to explore and test systems change and collaborative responses as a way of working differently. 



The SDG Systems Thinking and Collaborative Responses Guide was developed by Kerry Graham of Collaboration for Impact for ACFID. 

Key contributors to the content and trainings include James Butler and Michaela Cosijn of CSIRO, Mark Webster of ADRA and Melinda Spink of ABV.  Martin Wurt of Working Photos produced the video content.

ACFID also acknowledges the contributions of ACFID Members to the development of these resources through a co-designing workshop, a 1st pilot workshop and a 2nd testing and recording workshop.

Get in touch

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