A Budget for the Many, Not the Few

08 May, 2017

Commenting following the People’s Budget at Old Parliament House, Marc Purcell, CEO of the Australian Council for International Development said: 

“Instead of focusing on the top end of town, today showed that another type of budget is possible - one for the many, not the few. People across Australia are feeling the vast discrepancies of wealth and opportunity here-at-home and see it overseas. They want a fairer society and a more just world.”

On Australia’s Official Development Assistance, Marc Purcell said: 

“With the world's humanitarian system stretched to breaking point and a US administration pulling back, we have reached a fork in the road. Isolate ourselves, or help give a fair-go to the growing number of people struggling to meet basic human needs. If the Government’s response bears any relation to who we are as a nation, it will be a generous hand not a closed door.

“Backed by the values of the Australian people, we must rebuild the aid budget to do our fair-share in tackling common global challenges and live-up to the international commitments we have made.”


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