Comment on Senator Penny Wong’s Speech to ACFID’s Conference

02 Nov, 2017

CEO of the Australian Council for International Development, Marc Purcell said:

“We welcome the call Labor has made to reach across party lines to create a long-term, bipartisan commitment to rebuilding Australia’s aid budget and will support efforts to create consensus. Aid and development organisations will continue tell the story to parliamentarians and the public about the immense impact Australia’s aid has in lifting people out of poverty.

 “We welcome Labor’s proposals to tackle inequality and make poverty eradication a core objective of Australia’s aid program. We believe in an aid program that speaks to values of a fair-go and doing our fair share in tackling the world’s challenges, like extreme poverty, rising inequality and climate change.

“We welcome a focus on aid effectiveness in the delivery of the program. Aid is most effective when it is given foremost to alleviate poverty; is guided by context; and is delivered with the right expertise and in collaboration with local people.”


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Copy of Senator Wong’s speech to ACFID’s annual conference

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