Former ACNC Commissioner Praises JobKeeper Payment Change

06 Apr, 2020

President of the Australian Council for International Development, and former Commissioner of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC), Susan Pascoe AM, has praised the Australian Government’s decision to reduce thresholds for charities to become eligible for the JobKeeper payment.

“This critically important decision is going to keep more charities going when people need them most,” Ms Pascoe said.

Under the new measure, charities registered with the ACNC will be eligible for the JobKeeper payment if they have experienced a 15 per cent decline in turnover as a result of the coronavirus. Previously, the eligibility threshold had been set at 30 per cent.

“Many of the essential services required to help people manage through this public health crisis, and recover when it abates, are delivered by charities embedded in local communities,” said Ms Pascoe.

“Reducing the threshold will mean more charities can rebound more quickly; more people are kept on the frontline; and more resources for the recovery.”

ACFID is working alongside other peak-bodies to continue to advocate for charity workers and how they can be supported during the COVID-19 crisis, including measures to exclude tied funds under government contracts from the revenue assessment for the JobKeeper Payment.

Ms Pascoe added:

“Government assistance to keep charity workers employed will pay dividends right now so that vulnerable people don’t fall through the cracks, and they have support to get back on their feet when the crisis is over. The Government is to be applauded for its recognition of the essential role played by charities.”


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