International allies call on Australia to lifts its game on aid

27 Mar, 2018

Responding to the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee's latest peer review of Australia’s offical aid program, CEO of the Australian Council for International Development, Marc Purcell, said:

“This review shows that Australia wants the benefits of being part of the club but isn’t willing to chip-in when the clubhouse roof starts leaking. On contributing our fair share of aid, our partners and allies are telling us that we have failed to live up to the commitments we have made on the international stage.

“As overall government spending has grown by 10% since 2013, Australia’s official aid budget has been cut by 30%. This fails to do justice to who we are as a compassionate nation and what we have to offer the world – our people, our expertise and our position as a prosperous country who can offer a helping hand.

“We have no aid volume trajectory and desperately need a vision and articulation of how our aid program is going to match up with the new foreign policy white paper. The aid cuts were short-sighted and unwarranted when they were made, but having now laid out the white paper's strategy, they are totally counterproductive for Australia.

“Australia’s international partners are calling on us to lift our game. After successive cuts, now is the time to rebuild and reinvest in Australia’s aid program.”


Notes to Editors

Each Development Assistance Committee member is reviewed every five years in order to monitor its performance, hold it accountable for past commitments and recommend improvements. Read more on Australia’s review:

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