ACFID announces concurrent sessions at the ACFID National Conference 2018

03 Oct, 2018

ACFID is delighted to announce the details of the concurrent sessions at our 2018 National Conference. The twelve concurrent sessions explore human rights approaches in the context of contemporary challenges and opportunities and feature expert speakers from within and outside the sector.

Collaboration is a highlight of this year's concurrent sessions – both ACFID members and external organisations are coming together to present sessions exploring the intersections between development, humanitarian assistance and human rights. Read about two of the featured sessions below and visit the Conference website for the full roster of concurrent sessions.

Here's just two examples of what's in store.

'Sea Change: human rights vs economic progress'

In a session jointly organised by Kyeema Foundation, the University of Sydney and ActionAid Australia, 'Sea Change: human rights vs economic progress', features a documentary film screening and interactive panel discussion on community participation and empowerment, digital technology and mainstreaming sustainable resource systems.

The US-Uganda documentary production, Sea Change, follows the grassroots efforts of Turkana native Ikal Angelei to halt construction of the Gibe III dam in Ethiopia and defend the rights of indigenous people who rely on the Omo River and Lake Turkana. Six years on from filming, Ikal is an ecological policy advocate and founder of Friends of Lake Turkana. Ikal will join the panel discussion via video call to share insights into the challenges and potential solutions for upholding the rights of communities impacted by economic development activities.

The panel discussion will invite participation from delegates and will be moderated by Joseph Macharia, an East African agripreneur currently based at the Queensland University of Technology. Coined the 'Facebook Farmer', Joseph is founder of Mkulima Young ("Young Farmer" in Swahili), a networking and marketing platform for smallholder farmers and players in the agricultural value chain in Kenya and East Africa at large. The panel also features Edith Kamundi, a Kenyan national and water management specialist, and Sally Henderson, Senior Programme Coordinator with ActionAid Australia.

'Young women as disruptors and designers: how human centred design can set the human rights, peace and security agenda'

The session 'Young women as disruptors and designers: how human centred design can set the human rights, peace and security agenda' uses an interactive lecture and learning lab to explore unique and participatory approaches to design thinking. Brought together by Plan International Australia and Marie Stopes International, the session tackles the invisibility of young people, especially young women and adolescent girls, in the global discussion on peace and security.

Featuring a dynamic panel of design thinkers, youth activists and development practitioners, the session explores collaborative design processes and co-design where young women can drive and play a key role in disrupting traditional hierarchies of power, and place young people at the centre of promoting gender equality, peace, and security in their communities globally.

The session hears from young women involved in Future Fab and Free to Be Sydney sharing their experiences of designing and driving innovative design thinking processes. Delegates are also invited to participate in a hands-on learning lab hosted by Monash University's XYX Lab for a facilitated deep-dive into using design thinking principles and techniques to co-design a solution to a common security challenge.

Featured speakers include Dr Nicole Kalms, Founding Director of the XYX Lab at Monash University; Ginette Villasmil, Plan International Australia youth activist; Elsie Lardner, Marie Stopes International Senior Advisor Design and Development; and Kate Phillips, Plan International Australia Policy and Advocacy Advisor.

To read about all twelve concurrent sessions and to register your attendance, visit the Conference website.