ACFID releases report into members’ online fundraising and marketing images

18 Oct, 2018

The ACFID Code of Conduct Committee is pleased to share a new report examining the types of images and messages used by ACFID members, and the underlying motivations and challenges that influence their decisions.

The report, “Images in online fundraising and marketing: A critical examination of ACFID Members’ practice and perspectives”, is based on a survey of ACFID members and an analysis of members’ online platforms.

It outlines the practical, as well as ethical, challenges that many development organisations face when choosing which images and messages to use.

Recognising the importance of public support for the sector, the report also examines the ways in which ACFID members are framing their fundraising messages and the potential impact on public engagement.

Commenting on the findings, report author and Code and Standards Advisor, Emily Moreton said:

“Like all development organisations, ACFID’s members have to balance a range of – sometimes – competing goals when trying to make ethical decisions about which images and messages to use.

“ACFID members are acutely aware of the power their choices can have on shaping public perceptions of their organisation and the sector more broadly.”

The recommendations from this report will inform ACFID’s on-going work to support and strengthen members’ practice in this area, as part of the current Fundraising and Marketing focus area.

The full report can be found here. For more information, or to provide feedback, please contact the ACFID Code team at [email protected].