Climate Change

This page provides a home for ACFID’s work, news, guidance and resources on Climate Change work. ACFID has prioritised work on Climate Change to:

  • ensure that responding to climate change becomes a fundamental pillar of Australian inclusive and sustainable development and humanitarian policy and practice; and
  • ACFID and its members act with clarity, consistency and urgency in responding effectively to climate change.

In line with these two objectives, ACFID has developed a program of work that accesses the range of levers that ACFID brings to the membership: Code of Conduct, Good Practice Guidance, Learning Programs and ACFID Member sharing and convening power.

Click here to download ACFID's Climate Action Framework - Summary Document 

Click here to downloard ACFID's Climate Action Framework - Full Report 

Click here to download ACFID's Advocacy Agenda


What’s New

ACFID Resources on Climate Action now Live 


ACFID has produced Reporting on Environment Sustainability and Climate Change, an outline of regulatory requirements and ACFID Code of Conduct requirements for sustainability reporting and examples of reporting from ACFID members, the not for profit sector and the for profit sector. Read it now!



ACFID has released its new Climate Action Framework for members which has been developed to support Australian international development NGOs increase their engagement and action on climate change. A common challenge for many actors wanting to engage in climate change issues is to understand the role they can play and where they can be most effective. This framework, informed by ACFID members, seeks to address this issue by providing a clear typology of climate actions relevant to Australian NGOs. In doing so, it aims to increase the understanding of the types of action that can be undertaken at different activity levels and provide clearer entry points for organisations wanting to start working on climate change or seeking to step up their work.  Familiarise yourself with the Summary Climate Action Framework and read the Full Report with greater detail. 

Supporting the Framework is a new Climate Change Resources Hub where ACFID members can share their own resources and see what else is there. Pop in whenever you like and see if there's anything that interests you there or email us at [email protected] if you would to recommend any resources or share your own resources.  This is a space for members so please share.


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