Peace & Human Security

ACFID promotes policies and approaches to build peace and human security in recognition that: 

  • One in four people in the planet now live in fragile and conflict-affected states or in countries with high levels of criminal violence.
  • The number of refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people exceeds over 50 million people.
  • Climate change and natural disasters increase the risks of violence and conflict by amplifying existing drivers such as poverty and inequality. 

ACFID’s work on peace and human security focuses on:

  • Promoting initiatives in fragile states that protect human rights, promote women’s empowerment, and build accountable and transparent governance.
  • Promoting solutions to the drivers of human insecurity, particularly people movement.
  • Championing humanitarian action that seeks to reduce the likelihood and impact of emergencies as well as ensuring effective response.
  • Championing the standards in the Core Humanitarian Standard and promoting to the public Australia’s role in tackling disasters and conflict.