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  • EDMF from MercyWorks

    MercyWorks, 2020

    This MWL EDMF commits to the use of images and messages in communications in a way that portrays the affected people in a manner that respects their dignity, values, history, religion, language and culture, and is authentic to the context, person and terms of consent given.The MWL EDMF aims to ensure our communications content is of the highest ethical standard. This means all stakeholders are respected and protected, and trust in our organisational is maintained. The EDMF aims to ensure our organisation is using best-practice communications methods that minimise the risks related to storytelling and publishing.

  • This policy guides SurfAid and their partners to clearly separate aid and development from non-development objectives and activities. Despite SurfAid being a secular organisation which does not engage in or support any evangelical activities (and is not linked to any political party), this policy specifically addresses SurfAid’s ACFID compliance obligations when communicating with or soliciting donations from private donors, aid agencies, sponsors, supporters and the general public, including fundraising for restricted and unrestricted purposes.

  • The Oaktree Foundation is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the organisation engages in ethical purchasing and procurement. This Purchasing and Procurement Statement of Commitment outlines the principles that will be taken into consideration as the organisation endeavours to purchase goods and/or engage in services that are produced or delivered under particular ethical standards.

  • Description: The Adara Group is committed to ensuring that it and the persons who work with it maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behaviour. This Code of Conduct explains the standards of behaviour expected of all Adara Persons in their work for the Adara Group and specifies the Adara Group’s policy in key areas. It is a great example of a Code of Conduct which goes above and beyond the requirements in the ACFID Code.