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  • We are at a unique moment in time when courageous leadership could transform the humanitarian system and shift imbalances in power. Covid-19 is no exception in demonstrating that this is the only way forward. 

  • Confronting Climate Risk

    McKinsey & Company, 2020

    How to integrate climate change risk in decision making, including case studies

  • Knowledge Hub

    Chapter Zero, 2021

    This hub is for non-executive directtors to understand climate change and their role.  It covers climate context, the implications for business and roles.

  • Climate Risk Governance Guide

    Australian Institute of Company Directors & Minter Ellison, 2021

    This guide is an introductory resource for directors on climate change risk governance. It provides a plain-language introduction to fundamental climate change concepts, and considers this issue in the context of the nonexecutive directors’ role and duties.