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  • This is a fact sheet on the process for inducting people to the governing body of a community organisation. It helps support your compliance with the ACFID Code of Conduct’s verifier at 

  • This policy demonstrates Mary MacKillop Today’s commitment to protecting children, its staff, partners and primary stakeholders (beneficiaries) from harm that may be caused by them coming in contact with their staff and associated personnel, or in their programs.

  • This Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Policy aims to ensure that Palmera undertakes its work through the lens of gender equality and social inclusion in order to empower women and advance gender equality, empower people with disabilities and promote their human rights so they can achieve economic self-sufficiency, freedom, choice and dignity, protect and promote the rights and support the reintegration efforts of internally displaced persons, and ensure that other vulnerable groups are identified and included in Palmera’s development efforts so that no one is left out.

  • This policy provides a commitment and framework to ensure that Palmera’s operations, decision making, finances, structure, policies, procedures and governance is transparent, accessible and communicated to stakeholders and the broader community. It also ensures that Palmera disseminates accurate, truthful, timely as well as accessible information to its stakeholders and members of the public and complies with key policies of Palmera. It includes an Ethical Decision-Making Framework (EDMF) for communications which explains how to make ethical decisions when creating and disseminating publications.