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Other Resources

  • CHS Alliance

    People in Aid

    People In Aid improves organisational effectiveness within the humanitarian and development sector worldwide by advocating, supporting and recognising good practice in the management of people.

  • ALNAP Logo

    This report summarises research examining the role of human resource management in the support of staff deployed to hazardous environments and offers recommendations for NGOs to consider in order to strengthen human resource managmenet support in security managment.

  • National Congress

    National Congress of First Peoples

    National Congress of Australia's First Peoples

    The National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples is a national voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. They're an advocacy organisation that works for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples rights.

  • World Vision logo

    A database for World Vision's classroom resources are searchable via keyword and geographic region, media type, curriculum category and schooling level.