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  • A suite of core policies that can be adapted to strengthen  safeguarding frameworks. 

  • How to collaborate with Pacific Churches for development research

    Research for Development Impact Network, 2018

    This guide offers academics and practitioners the tools and knowledge to navigate the unique demands and opportunities of working with Churches and Church-based organisations in the Pacific region.

  • Sustainable Procurement Webinar

    Fred Hollows Foundation, 2018

    This webinar on sustainable procurement is hosted by Tanya Harris, a self-confessed procurement and sustainability nerd with 15+ years in the private and development sectors, and over 20 years in business. At The Fred Hollows Foundation, Tanya leads the strategic sustainable procurement function. The recorded webinar tells us practical ideas on the ways any size NFP/NGO can assess and target their own organisational spend, to save lives sustainably. It forms part of the Spotlight series on ACFID's Code of Conduct, looking into QP 8 (Resource Management)

  • Why do certain changes take place quickly, and in some instances without friction, while other issues stall? Is there a secret to successful change or just a series of traps to avoid?