Code of Conduct

Use the Code

The Good Practice Toolkit provides practical advice and support for the implementation of the current Code of Conduct.  These pages will be updated in the first half of 2017 to align with the revised Code of Conduct which comes into effect on 1 June.

The Code of Conduct Good Practice Toolkit is provided as a supplement to support your use of the ACFID Code of Conduct. It will provide you with practical suggestions to promote learning and development and to strengthen your organisation’s policies, practices and operations over time. It provides information on the rationale for each of the Code of Conduct’s Standards, how each Standard is linked to ACFID’s Values, and resources for further reading.

As a signatory to the Code of Conduct, your compliance obligations rest only with the Code of Conduct itself, not with the entirety of the practical guidance in the Good Practice Toolkit. The exception is the guidance for the Financial Statements (C.2.2) and ACFID Code of Conduct Complaints handling (E.3.1) which form a part of the Code of Conduct itself and are mandatory.

Some of the practical guidance suggestions may not be relevant to your organisation, either because of the nature of your work or because of the size and capacity of your organisation. Don’t be overwhelmed by the breadth of the Practical Guidance – use it as a ‘toolbox’ and select from its practical suggestions to promote learning and to guide the progressive development and strengthening of your organisation’s good practice over time. 

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