A. Preamble

Purpose of the Good Practice Toolkit

A key purpose of ACFID is to equip and encourage members to observe the highest ethical standards in all their activities, including strict observance of the Code of Conduct. The Good Practice Toolkit is provided as a supplement to the Code of Conduct.

The primary purpose of the Good Practice Toolkit is to provide practical suggestions to promote learning and development and the strengthening of signatory organisation’s policies, practices and operations over time. It is a comprehensive guide, proposing a broad range of best practice suggestions relating to all areas of the Code.

As signatories to the Code of Conduct, your compliance obligations rest only with the Code of Conduct itself, not with the entirety of the practical guidance set out in the Good Practice Toolkit. Unlike the Standards and Obligations set out in the Code itself, the Good Practice Toolkit guidance is not binding, except where specific reference is made to this in the Obligations.


The structure of the Good Practice Toolkit mirrors the structure of the Code. The Code sets out Standards in the three areas of accountability relating to Program Principles, Public Engagement and Organisation. Within each of these accountability domains are a number of Standards. Each Standard is expressed as a Principle and a set of Obligations. Each Principle is a statement of intent that links to the Values outlined in the Code. The specific compliance requirements of signatory organisations are set out in the numbered Obligations.

The Good Practice Toolkit guidance mirrors the structure of the Code restating the Principles and Obligations for each Standard. It then provides a rationale for each of the Standards, how each Standard is linked to the Code’s Values, good practice suggestions and guidance and resources for further reading.

Updates to the Good Practice Toolkit

The Good Practice Toolkit will be periodically updated to meet the changing environment and the needs of stakeholders. Updates may be in response to ideas for new good practice suggestions, to provide greater clarity to current text, to reflect new Australian regulations and obligations, international standards or to include worked examples and new resources. As a supporting document to the Code of Conduct, the Good Practice Toolkit will be revised following each review of the Code itself to ensure continued alignment.

Providing your feedback

As a supportive tool to the Code, the Good Practice Toolkit should respond to your needs. We’d like to hear your suggestions for its refinement and new good practice and resource suggestions. Please provide these to the ACFID Secretariat via [email protected].