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World Humanitarian Day Call for Emergency Fund Increase

19 Aug, 2016 - aid

The Australian Government needs to back its new humanitarian strategy with enough funding to ensure we can respond quickly and...

Harm of Children Under Government’s Watch Must end

18 Aug, 2016

“For the second time, an immigration minister has made false allegations without any evidence against an organisation focussed...

Royal Commission Has Nauru Jurisdiction Legal Advice Says

12 Aug, 2016 - Nauru

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has the power to examine the response of the Australian...

ACFID in the News

Judge says children reporting abuse must be taken seriously

The Age

Authority and respect for trusted institutions in Australian society should never override reports of danger to young people,...

International ‘embarrassment’

Ten Eyewitness News

Australia is now donating less overseas than it ever has before, making it one of the least generous Western nations in the...

Push to widen the royal Commission into child sexual abuse to include asylum seekers sent to Nauru

Radio AM

There are growing calls for the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sex Abuse to widen its inquiry to...

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Prosperous and Sustainable Cities for All: an Australian Development Agenda for Urbanisation in the Asia Pacific

2016 - Beth Sargent & Shelter Reference Group

The Shelter Reference Group has commissioned a piece of urban research investigating the opportunities for increased and...

Working towards Transformational Development and the Sustainable Development Goals

2016 - Annette Madvig & Chris Roche

This report unpacks the concept of 'transformation' in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 agenda for global...

Leave No One Behind': Gender, Sexuality and the Sustainable Development Goals

2016 - Mills, E

This report discusses and explores the Sustainable Development Goals and critically asses their inclusion of people whom,...