Budget Analysis 2016-17
Budget Analysis 2016-17

Download the ACFID 2016-17 Budget Analysis here

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Increase Australian Aid: It’s in our interest

26 May, 2016

"The political scuffle over budget black holes misses the point that Australia’s aid efforts are in our national interest,"...

Labor Pledge to Reverse Aid Budget Cut Welcome

21 May, 2016

Labor’s announcement today that, if elected, it would reverse the Government’s $224m cut to the international aid and...

Restore Cross-Party Support for Australian Aid

20 May, 2016

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) is calling on all political leaders to restore cross-party support...

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Posing for ‘poverty porn’: The murky ethics of NGO fundraising ‘hero shots’


The young girl in Sunrise Cambodia’s recent fundraising campaign has been labelled a “sex worker” in glossy typeface. Her face...

Istanbul humanitarian summit aims for peaks, lands in foothills

The Interpreter

Istanbul is a city living under the shadow of the war in neighbouring Syria. A bomb blast in the heart of the historic tourist...

World leaders, aid groups gather for humanitarian summit in Turkey

ABC News, Anne Barker

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) — the peak body for Australia's aid agencies and charitable NGOs —...

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More than just luck: Innovation in humanitarian action

2016 - Alice Obrecht, Alexandra T. Warner

This report presents the synthesised findings from 15 case studies, undertaken by ALNAP in partnership with ELRHA's Humanitarian...

Innovation for International Development: Navigating the paths and pitfalls

2016 - Nesta - Ben Ramalingam, Kirsten Bound

Innovation for International Development is an excellent inventory of new approaches and perspectives from across the sector...

Innovation fror Impact: How Australian NGOs nurture and scale up new ideas

2016 - James Whitehead, Angus Barnes, Sabina Curatolo, Emma Cliffe

This paper examines what innovation is and why it is important. It explores the current climate for innovation with ANGOs and...