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Consultant – Capability Strengthening Model

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About CARE Australia
CARE Australia supports women around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We work in partnership with local communities to provide equal opportunities for women that they have long been denied: the ability to earn an income, gain access to their fair share of resources, to lead and participate in decisions that affect their lives, and to be able to withstand the increasing impacts of climate disasters and other crises. CARE Australia is a member of the CARE International confederation. We strive for a world of hope, inclusive and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

About the Consultancy
The consultancy will articulate a common Capability Strengthening Model for CARE that is consistent with both CARE’s commitment to Gender Equality and CARE’s Locally Led Approach.

CARE recognises the shifts towards localisation and the sector’s need to engage with local actors and partners in new and improved ways. Through this consultancy, CARE will review its model for capability strengthening of partners and ensure it is operating from a robust model that is empowering to partners and creating sustainable and meaningful outcomes for partners and civil society at large. The Capability Strengthening Model will be key to building equitable partnerships and ensuring that partner capability strengthening is empowering, sustainable and mutual.

This consultancy will link to an ongoing consultant-supported change process at CARE to develop, and embed in organisational systems and practice, a locally led approach to programming. As part of the ongoing change process, a framing paper including working definitions of key terms and an outline of the intended shift have been developed, that will inform the Capability Strengthening Model.

This consultancy is funded through ANCP and will initially focus on the ANCP program supporting CARE International in Vanuatu and CARE’s Pacific Partnerships Unit (PPU). However, the Capability Strengthening Model produced will be relevant across CARE’s projects and will be used by CARE Australia as well as CARE’s Country Offices.

– Conduct a literature/practice review: Systematically document current capability strengthening practice, through discussions with key staff and review of key project and program documents.
– Map the current Capability Model used by CARE, using CARE’s Gender Equality Framework (GEF) and the 5 Cs Framework for capacity development. In terms of the two frameworks, consider the gaps and the areas of most documented evidence of focus.
– Develop, test and agree on a common Capability Model for CARE.
– Present the model and provide an outline of existing tools/approaches and identify tools/approaches that will need to be developed by CARE.
– Identify key capabilities that would be required in CARE to support capability building model.

Selection Criteria
– Significant experience in gender equality and capability strengthening models.
– Understanding and experience taking a Localisation / Locally Led / Decolonisation approach.
– Understanding of international development practice, program design, and monitoring and evaluation.
– Ideally, understanding of partnership, partnership principles and how to embed partnership into organisational systems.
– Ability to respond effectively to challenges and to work effectively with minimal supervision.
– A commitment to the protection of children and the prevention of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.

Applications for this Consultancy should include the following:
– Cover Letter outlining response to selection criteria and key relevant experience
– CV
– Proposed budget and timeline

Please refer to the attached Terms of Reference.

Applications should be sent to Miriam Bugden, Partnership Coordinator, by midnight AEST Thursday 27 April, 2023 ([email protected]) with Capability Strengthening Model in the subject line. Applications that fail to address selection criteria will not be considered.

Successful applicants must complete a police check / background check in line with CARE Australia’s Child Protection policy.

Closing Date: Apr 27, 2023