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Consultant – Client Satisfaction Tool Development

ChildFund Australia |
ACFID Member: 1
Location: Australia | Any Major City | Remote / Work From Home
Sub location(s): Surry Hills, Sydney

For the full ToR for this opportunity, please go to the Work With Us page on the ChildFund Australia website.

1. Organisational context

ChildFund Australia is an independent international development organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in developing communities.


We partner to create community and systems change which enables children and young people in vulnerable situations, to assert and realise their rights.


At ChildFund Australia, we want every child and young person to be able to say: “I am safe. I am educated. I contribute. I have a future.”


At ChildFund Australia we directly manage and implement programs with a range of local partners in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Vietnam, and other countries in the Pacific. We also manage projects delivered by partner organisations throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas.


ChildFund Australia is a member of the ChildFund Alliance – a global network of 11 child-focused development and humanitarian organizations reaching nearly 32 million children and their family members in 70 countries. ChildFund Australia is a registered charity, a member of the Australian Council for International Development, and fully accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade which manages the Australian Government’s overseas aid program.


2. Background

At ChildFund, we focus on strengthening the protection of children and young people by supporting existing local organisations to build their knowledge, skills and capacities in child protection and to create locally appropriate child-focused service responses and pathways. This is achieved by establishing or strengthening inter-government and local frontline service collaboration aiming to improve responses to child protection cases at the formal system level and through community-based child Protection Mechanisms. With appropriate knowledge and skills, services are able to deliver improved child protection services in accordance with global good practice standards and local contexts.


Under ChildFund Australia’s strategic vision for 2022-2025 we have been refreshing our Child Protection Approach. This has led to focusing efforts on priority interventions, including System Strengthening (that includes GBV and Child Protection helplines) and Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms. As part of this, we have produced guidance papers and accompanying tools that support partners in the provision of quality child protection services and better track our joint effectiveness.


This consultancy will produce or select a tool that will sit across our Community-Based Child Protection Mechanisms (CBCPMs) and system-strengthening priority interventions to measure service satisfaction. It will be used by our country office project and MEL staff, partners and stakeholders. Results can also be collated and analyzed to understand an aggregate picture of protective services across the places where we work.


3. Purpose

This tool will track the level and percentage of satisfaction that individuals who use case management service provision have. The tool will also embed important indicators that will support understanding of service and organisational effectiveness

Satisfaction relates to the quality and effectiveness of the case management service process that aims to achieve an improvement in the level of overall well-being and safety of children and  young people: The tool will consider:

Perceived improvement in their situation (safety and well-being)
The voice and age-appropriate agency of children and young people through the case management process and their involvement with the service/ organization.
General quality of the service provided by the service partner and Case Managers


4. Scope of Evaluation


Tool Audience

Children and young people who have received case management services (parameters to be defined).


Who will use/administer the tool?

The tool will be cascaded downstream for use by services, organizations or case managers situated within a Community-based child protection mechanism (CBCPM) delivering case management services to children, young people and their families.


Tool Adaptions

We aim for this tool to become the basis for further adaptation including:

Adults – For use with adult clients accessing support services such as GBV crisis support services and helplines.

Remote support services – The tool will be focused on client-facing work, it will also be contextualized by our country’s offices and partners for use in remote support services (like in crisis/ helpline work).

GEDSI consideration s- This tool will be mainstreamed, the consultant will hold consultations with stakeholders with expertise in social inclusion and disability and produce written recommendations on how the tool can be utilized or contextualized in consideration of gender and for use with children and young people with disabilities.


5. Methodology

The consultant will work closely with a working group of child protection technical advisors (remote) from the Sydney Head office and based at our country offices. The consultant will also be required to hold a consultation with external stakeholders and facilitate consultations with children and young people through our working group (no direct contact with children and young people will be required through this consultancy).

The consultant will work remotely.


6. Deliverables and Indicative Timetable



Presentation of findings and recommendations
Final report
Final tool with guidelines (detailed below)


Work activity timeline

Note that the below is indicative and subject to negotiation with the Consultant.

Dates/Phases of Work/Days/Who is Responsible


1.       Research and Project Design

Feb 2024

Establishing a working group with ChildFund Country Office Technical Advisors and list of stakeholders

0 Days

ChildFund Australia and Country Offices


Feb 2024

Initial induction meeting with CFA

0.5 Days

Consultant and CFA


Feb 2024

Develop consultation questions, guidelines and consent tools

(incorporate child-safeguarding)

1 Day



Feb 2024

Induction of working group and briefing with working group on undertaking ethical consultation with children and young people

0.5 Days

Consultant, working group participation


2.       Consultation, analysis and drafting.


Feb/Early March 2024

Review of existing literature and tools available

3 Days



Feb/early March 2024

Workshops held with working group members (2 x 3 hours)

1 Days

Working group led by consultant


March 2024

Remote consultation with stakeholders on children and young people with disabilities

0.5 Days



March 2024

Responses collated and analysed

1 Days


3.       Tool development


April 2024

Present preliminary findings and recommendations for tool for approval by ChildFund Australia

0.5 Days

Consultant with working  group and CFA CP team


April 2024

Develop/contextualize selected tool

3 Days


4.       Tool testing


April 2024

Testing of the tool in 4 locations across Mekong and the Pacific with a sample of partners and children and young people groups

1 Days

Working group through partners and community stakeholders, coordination by Consultant


May 2024

Analysis of the test results

2 Days



May 2024

Adjustment of the tool accordingly

2 Days

Consultant with feedback to working group/ CFA

5.       Finalizing


May 2024

Provide a summary report of research and findings

1 Day



May 2024

Finalize tool and include succinct guidelines on

tool usage
opportunities or parameters for contextualization
child safeguarding considerations
the requirements for contextualizing the tool for children and young people with a disability

3 Days



End of May 2024

Final submission of work to ChildFund Australia


– Suggested Total Days –


7. Management and Reporting Arrangement

The Consultant will report to Sarah Reyes, Child Protection Advisor at ChildFund Australia.   All reports must be written in English and provided in an electronic format (Microsoft Word).


8. Confidentiality

All discussions and documents relating to this ToR will be treated as confidential by the parties.

9. Child Safeguarding

The Consultant will undertake the Services to a high standard; use its best endeavours to promote the best interests of ChildFund; protect the reputation of ChildFund and work in a manner consistent with the mission, vision and policies of ChildFund which may include reference checks, police clearance and signing a code of conduct. ChildFund Australia has a zero-tolerance policy to abuse, exploitation and harassment in all its forms.

10. Counter-Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering

ChildFund Australia acknowledges its obligation under the Australian laws relating to counter-terrorism and anti-money laundering.  In order to meet its obligation, the consultant is obligated to provide information required for ChildFund to undertake counter-terrorism screening before engagement.  The consultant’s name, date & place of birth and ID number will be checked against Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) consolidated list, National Security Australia list, World Banks listing and the Asian Development bank listing to ensure not engage with entities or individuals appearing on the lists.

11. Conflict of Interest

The Consultant must declare any financial, personal, family (or close intimate relationship) interest in matters of official business which may impact on the work of ChildFund

12. Fraud and Corruption prevention and awareness

ChildFund Australia has a zero approach to fraud and corruption act. The successful consultant will be required to comply with ChildFund Australia’s fraud and corruption prevention and awareness Policy and act against any form of fraud or corruption and not offer, promise, give or accept any bribes.

13. Insurance

The successful applicant will be required to have in place insurance arrangements appropriate to provision of the requirement in this TOR.


14. Acknowledgment and Disclaimer

ChildFund, its Board and staff make no express or implied representation or warranty as to the currency, reliability or completeness of the information contained in this ToR.  Nothing in this ToR should be construed to give rise to any contractual obligations or rights, expressed or implied, by the issue of this ToR or the submission of Expression of Interest in response to it.  No contract would be created until a formal written contract is executed between ChildFund and a selected consultant.



Selection Criteria for Consultant


The Consultant must be available for distance meetings as necessary.

Core Competencies

Commitment to ChildFund Australia’s vision and values.
Excellent time management and multi-tasking skills.
Ability to work autonomously.
Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills.


Functional and Technical Competencies

Specialised knowledge of social work practice, child protection and /or child development in an international development context
Specialist knowledge of child protection services and case management in contexts where there are emerging child protection systems
Specialist knowledge of evaluation and evaluation tools
Excellent verbal and written English language skills


Qualifications & Experiences

Proven track record of working within child protection systems, child protection programs and/or MEL or quality improvement
Understanding and knowledge of evaluation frameworks and data collection
Qualifications or relevant work experience in social work, psychology, child protection or related discipline.
At least three years of professional work experience in child protection, social welfare, or international development projects.
Experience of developing tools for use in community settings
Experience working in the Pacific and or Mekong region


The Expression of Interest should include Resume, Referee contact details, your proposal detailing your competence for the required work, professional fee; and approaches, methodologies and prospective timeline based on the Terms of Reference.


Submit your CV and Proposal to Sarah Reyes, Child Protection Advisor at ChildFund Australia, at:

[email protected]

Closing Date: Feb 2, 2024