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About the Position

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has a longstanding commitment to supporting and assisting its neighbours in countries in our region through its Overseas Partnerships Program (OPP), which consists of four components: Twinning, Projects, Assist A Student, and Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Assistance.

All members of the Overseas Partnerships Program (OPP) contribute to ensuring that the Overseas Partnerships Program is delivered: in line with good development practice; creatively and cooperatively; efficiently and effectively; according to its governance arrangements; realising the Society’s mission and OPP related strategic and operational plans, policy and procedures; and meeting the needs of our overseas partners and Australian stakeholders.

The OPP Facilitator (Australia) is responsible for increasing engagement in and support for the OPP within Australia. These goals can be achieved by following initiatives:
1. Being a proactive and responsive member of the National Council Secretariate team which oversees and facilitates the OPP program across the Society in Australia.
2. Working co-operatively to identify and implement innovative initiatives that strengthen engagement in the OPP by State/Territory stakeholders across jurisdictions.
3. Supporting engagement through facilitating the National Overseas Partnerships Network.
4. Building the capacity of State/Territory OPP office bearers through provision of guidance and/or training material and promotional resources.
5. Developing and delivering inspiring, informative and timely communications about the work of the OPP and ensure their dissemination via website, email, video and print.
6. Increasing support for the Assist A Student program from internal (Vincentian) and external (public) sources.
7. Facilitating regular, open and transparent communication between donors and beneficiaries.

Core Responsibilities:
1. This position is responsible to the Overseas Partnerships Program Director for the following key accountabilities and the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (outlined at Attachment 1).
Facilitate the operation of and increased engagement in the Society’s OPP program in Australia including in the Twinning program by internal (Vincentians) and the Assist A Student program by internal and external (public) stakeholders including by working with State/Territory OPP, fundraising, membership and schools teams.
2. Develop and maintain strong relationships with State/Territory Overseas Partnership Committee Chairs, Members and Membership Supports Chair and members of the National Overseas Partnership Network Assist A Student program related stakeholders at State/Territory level (Membership, Schools, Fundraising Officers and Members) Secretariate support team including Communications, Social Media, Website, IT and Safeguarding.
3. Facilitate the convening and support the activities of the National Overseas Partnership Network comprising Members and Staff engaged in the program at National and State/Territory level.
4. With support from the Secretariate’s OPP and Communications teams, develop and disseminate OPP related communications materials (website content, newsletters, promotional materials, videos etc) promoting awareness of and engagement in the OPP program by internal (Vincentian) and external (public) stakeholders.
5. With support from the Secretariate’s OPP and other teams, develop and disseminate OPP related training materials and resources to increase understanding of and engagement in the program.
6. Support the development and use of processes to strengthen program implementation and organisational learning including facilitating program monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning (MERL) related activities (including those related to Australian Council for International Development Accreditation).
7. Practice, champion and integrate learning and good practice in international development, privacy, safeguarding, gender, disability and social inclusion in relation to the OPP and its twinning, projects and AAS initiatives and increased understanding of National Council’s related policy and procedures.
8. Other duties may be required, as directed, commensurate with skills and abilities.

For full position description:  https://www.vinnies.org.au/media/yh5licnb/pd-opp-facilitator-australia.pdf

Closing Date: Aug 20, 2023