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ACFID endeavours to be a leader in information in the international development sector. We provide sector update, breaking insights, thought pieces and technical analysis to our members and the sector more broadly.

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Sector News – A fortnightly newsletter featuring general sector news, aid and development activity, and employment vacancies.

Sector Events – Ad-Hoc communication sent to a national and international audience. This newsletter ensures its recipients are up to date on events available to them, both online and face-to-face, spanning a wide range of topics relevant to the humanitarian aid and development sector.

Partnerships – Ad-Hoc communication sent to a wide audience, interested in partnership or sponsorship opportunities, ensuring you get first access to opportunities for collaboration. While opportunities will initially be limited to those ACFID provide, this list may grow into promotion for sector wide opportunities in the future.

The Weekly (Member Only) – A weekly communication sent to ACFID members, featuring breaking insights, thought pieces and technical analysis, important meetings and events to attend, tasks to action, key employment vacancies, and a message from our partner(s).

Learning (Member Only) – Ad-Hoc communication which aims to build sector capability so that Australia has a high performing development and humanitarian sector that delivers for the stakeholders it serves.

Media (Member Only) – Ad-Hoc communication aiming to keep the membership informed of relevant media releases, interviews, and other key pieces of publicity.

Policy & Advocacy (Member Only) – Ad-Hoc communication aiming to work with government to foster an open, accountable and fair enabling environment for international development and humanitarian practice.

Code & Standards (Member Only) – Ad-Hoc communication about ACFIDs Code of Conduct. The ACFID Code of Conduct sets a benchmark for good practice in the Australian NGO community, as well as being an organisational effectiveness and learning tool.