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The Code of Conduct (the Code) sets out over 50 Principles and 150 Obligations that are linked to our shared values in three areas of accountability:

  • Program Principles – which address good practice for effectiveness in aid and development activities, human rights and working with partner agencies.
  • Public Engagement – outlining requirements for members to be ethical and transparent in marketing, fundraising and reporting.
  • Organisation – outlining requirements for governance, management, financial controls, treatment of staff and volunteers, complaints handling processes and compliance with legal requirement.

The Code was developed in 1997 and comprehensively revised in 2010. For more information on the development of the Code, we invite you to read its history Code of Conduct History - Summary. The Code is reviewed every five years to ensure it remains relevant and effective. Read more about the current review of the Code

ACFID has developed a free online resource and a Good Practice Toolkit to assist in understanding and implementing the Code.

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