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Address by Senator Penny Wong | Choose Humane Day | Upcoming ACFID Webinar

May 3, 2019 | ACFID News, Sector News

NGOs budgeting and forecasting this year are faced with a changing landscape not seen in over a decade, a turning point in global financial markets as the era of record low interest rates finally coming to an end. The driving force behind this change is the growing inflationary numbers plaguing western markets and as we will see, flow on effects for many developing markets, many of which ACFID members work across. This combined with growing geopolitical tensions and increasing frequency of coups in many markets will pose a challenge for NGOs for forecasting their budgets for overseas spend.

Timothy Peng, StoneX’s Asia Head of Trading, said the following:

“The world is moving from an era of low interest rates towards one forecast to be much higher in the coming years, led by the US Federal Reserve. We already see rising inflation figures in the USA, and more Fed Reserve members are arguing for hikes, likely to start in March. As regional governments and central banks adjust to this new norm, we will invariably see interest rates rise in the region as well and as these moves aren’t synchronized, we will likely see some FX volatility on the back of these changes.”

Michael Stachowiak, StoneX Australia Head of Business Development went on to say:

“The changes are real and may catch many NGOs off guard as we approach the end to this decade and a half period of cheap capital. This tied in with the instability in many markets relevant to members such as Afghanistan, Myanmar and the war in Ukraine will pose a challenge for those delivering their donor funds safely and in the amount they anticipate.”

Join the StoneX Global Payments team for a market update on foreign exchange markets in 2022 hosted by ACFID. In this online webinar Michael Stachowiak, Head of Business Development (Global Payments) Australia and New Zealand and Timothy Peng, Head of Trading APAC Global Payments will be presenting. The team will provide an analysis on currency markets of the year to date and what to expect for the remainder. This will be followed by a Q&A session.

ACFID formed a Corporate Partnership with StoneX Financial, one of the world’s leading Global Payment Exchange providers, in 2020, after their years of longstanding support and sponsorship of the ACFID National Conference.

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