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  • Introduction to the Code of Conduct – learn about the ACFID Code of Conduct, including why the Code is important, the structure of the Code and how to navigate it, and how the Code’s compliance mechanisms work.
  • ACFID Gender Audit Toolkit – explore practical templates and resources while learning what a gender audit is, how to plan for a gender audit, and lessons learned from other organisations’ experiences in gender auditing.
  • Making Change Happen Resource Centre – discover more than 150 curated resources about how social change happens, the implications for managing programs, and the implications for leading and managing organisations.
  • PSEAH Resouce Hub – share and access crowd-sourced resources related to PSEAH.
  • Travel Awareness Training – learn about how to look after your safety and well-being when travelling.

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Child Protection eLearning Modules

What are the Child Protection eLearning Modules?

Module 1: Introduction to Child Protection in International Development is designed to provide you with knowledge of the relevance of child protection in international development cooperation and your role in protecting children. You will develop an understanding of the child protection requirements of the ACFID Code of Conduct and the DFAT child protection guidelines.

Module 2: Creating Child Safe Organisations is designed to provide you with knowledge of the key measures an organisation can take to become ‘child safe’.

Module 3: Risk Management for Child Protection is designed to provide you with knowledge of undertaking child protection risk management, with the guidance to develop your organisation's own child protection risk management process.

Who are these modules for?

This series of Child Protection E-learning Modules has been developed for anyone working in international development – staff members, Board members, partners, volunteers, interns, field workers, and consultants. Whether you are working directly with children, or may have incidental contact with children, these courses are for you. The modules can be used as: - an induction or introductory resource; - a refresher course; or - a tool to assist delivery partners understand child protection.

The Modules have been developed as a pre-cursor to overseas travel to the field and contact with children. They are designed to develop capabilities and build understanding of child protection for anyone who will or may have contact with children. The modules are delivered online and provide a flexible learning platform for organisations and individuals.

The Modules typically take between 20 – 30 minutes to complete. Available 24/7, they allow you to complete them in your own time at a time and pace convenient to you.

The Modules cost $50 (+GST) per user.  To explore discounts for ACFID members, contact [email protected]

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