Interactive NGO Aid Map

ACFID’s NGO Aid Map allows the Australian public and stakeholders to explore the work of ACFID Members around the world. The Map illustrates the breadth and depth of ACFID Members work and their capacity to deliver positive and lasting change to communities in developing countries.


The map aims to:

  • Enhance the sector’s transparency and accountability.
  • Provide information which ACFID and its Members can use to influence policy.
  • Publicize and promote the work of ACFID Members to new audiences.
  • Facilitate partnerships and coordination between Members or other external stakeholders.

What data is included?

Each year, ACFID undertakes an Annual Statistical Survey to collect data on the work of ACFID Members and the development sector more broadly. The NGO Aid Map illustrates the development and humanitarian programming data provided by ACFID members which was collected in the latest Annual Statistical Survey.

How does it work?

  • Hover your cursor over countries to discover the number of ACFID members working in that country, the total number of projects run by ACFID Members, the total funding and sources of funding.
  • Click on a country to explore the projects and programmatic focus areas in this particular country.
  • Search for areas of interest - filtering by country, ACFID Member, sector or project keyword.

We hope to further expand and refine the Interactive Map in the years’ ahead. For any questions or suggestions about the data or the Map please contact Aina Studer