Code of Conduct Committee

The ACFID Code of Conduct Committee (the Committee) was established to support the Australian aid and development sector to achieve the highest ethical standards and effectiveness by promoting integrity and best practice in accountability and transparency, through the  through the ACFID Code of Conduct.

The Committee is independent of ACFID’s Executive Committee and Secretariat. It is responsible for:

  • Granting, suspending and revoking Code of Conduct (Code) signatory status
  • Compliance assessment
  • Investigating and adjudicating complaints.

The Code of Conduct Committee works with the ACFID secretariat to

  • Develop and administer the Code of Conduct
  • Promote the Code
  • Educate Signatories about the Code.

The Committee is made up of:

  • An independent honorary chair
  • Six members elected by and from the Council of ACFID members;
  • One appointed representative of the donating public
  • Up to two specialist-based appointed positions, with skills and experience in accordance with current requirements of the Code of Conduct Committee.

Committee members serve three-year terms and can serve up to two terms.

The roles and responsibilities of the Code of Conduct Committee are described in the Terms of Reference of the ACFID Code of Conduct Committee.

Office Bearers

Independent Chair

Clare Petre

Elected Members

John Gilmore (Co-Deputy Chair) – Executive Director, Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners (GMP)

Bandula Gonsalkorale (Co-Deputy Chair)  Finance and IT Director, ChildFund Australia
Eva Hall - Program Officer, Marie Stope International Australia
Seak-King Huang - Company Secretary and Executive Counsel, World Vision Australia

Simon Miller – Legal Counsel and Policy Advisor, Save the Children Australia

Specialist appointments

Michelle Pearce, Accounting Specialist - Bachelor of Accounting, Fellow Chartered Accountant

Prof. Simon Rice, Australian Community Representative - Professor of Law; Director, Law Reform and Social Justice, ANU College of Law

Julie Mundy, NGO and partnership specialist  

Bios of the Committee members can be downloaded here.